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Resource Roundup: Learning from COVID-19 for Future Crises

covid 19 crisis

As the world slowly reopens in the midst of COVID-19, businesses must navigate a changed world and determine how to thrive in the uncharted future that comes next. Now is the time to analyze the effectiveness of your organization’s crisis management plans and make the necessary adjustments to prepare for future crises.

During a crisis, such as COVID-19, information overload can overwhelm us all. To help you filter through the barrage of information, we’ve curated 10 insightful resources to assist you in leading through a crisis. Bookmark these valuable resources as you lead your team through this unprecedented time and apply the tangible lessons to your organization.

1. Coronavirus: Actions for Strong Leadership During a Pandemic from Gartner ThinkCast [Podcast]

Learn how to make positive leadership actions during COVID-19.

In this podcast, Mary Mesaglio from Gartner explains how actions taken by leaders in times of crisis are received with added emotion. Learn five research-based strategies to make your leadership choices resonate for all the right reasons.

2. What nearly every leader forgets to say during a crisis from Inc. Magazine [Article]

Understand the difference between big voice and little voice and how to use them.

During challenging times, people need a transparent action plan from their leaders. What’s your plan? What can they do? This article explains how to use the idea of big voice and little voice to better lead your team.

3. Human Resilience: What your people need during COVID-19 from Accenture [Blog]

Take a data-based look into how your employees need to be led during difficult times.

In this research-based blog, discover 10 practical actions to help you build trust and better meet your employee’s needs.

4. These six intelligences will drive smart leadership in disrupted times from the World Economic Forum. [Blog]

Get guidance on updating your leadership playbook to serve your people and the overall organization.

In this article, strategic advisor John Kao discusses six essential intelligences that all leaders should harness for success – both now and in the future.

5. Marriott’s CEO Demonstrates Truly Authentic Leadership in A Remarkably Emotional Video from Inc. Magazine. [Video]

See what open and authentic communication from a leader looks like.

There is no sugar-coating it. COVID-19 has hit Marriott harder than a lot of other organizations. They have had large-scale layoffs. In this video, CEO Arne Sorenson delivers a sobering message with complete transparency. This honest and empathetic communication in action provides great insight on how to connect with your employees during stressful times.

6. Aim Higher: The importance of Resilient Leadership from Skip Prichard [Podcast]

Understand what it means to be resilient in business – in good and bad times.

Leadership specialist Skip Prichard and his panel of experts discuss resilience in leadership and how to cultivate it. This podcast provides insights on how to acknowledge challenges, reframe them, and look for opportunities.

7. Should a Crisis Change your CEO Succession Plan from Harvard Business Review [Article]

Learn the key questions to ask when making changes to your leadership team during a crisis.

This article breaks down the additional complexity that crisis brings to succession planning. It also explains the key questions you need to ask before making any changes to your leadership team.

8. Important Crisis Management Lessons From COVID-19 Pandemic from Tanveer Naseer Leadership [Podcast]

Apply these key lessons for effectively leading through a crisis situation.

In this succinct and thought-provoking podcast, leadership expert Tanveer Naseer provides key insights into the qualities that separate an average leader from an excellent one.

9. The heart of resilient leadership: Responding to COVID-19 from Deloitte [Article]

Explore the fundamental qualities of resilient leadership.

What makes a resilient leader? Experts from Deloitte answer this question with their five most important qualities a senior executive needs in order to weather the storm and succeed.

10. Leadership in the time of COVID-19 from Forbes [Article]

Recognize how agility in leadership will bring success in both the short and long term.

In this article, leadership strategist Mark Nevins provides invaluable strategies to help you lead your organization through the personal and professional changes brought on by the current crisis.


Why the coronavirus crisis makes moral leadership more important than ever from Fortune Magazine. [Article]

Learn a powerful, people-centered, moral way to lead.   

In this article, thought leader Dov Seidman delves into how the current crisis has highlighted the need for a more moral style of leadership. A need that seems to be here to stay.

At WDHB, we are focused on helping leaders manage change and the unknown challenges to come. We believe every business deserves to have great leaders, and we want to contribute to the development of strong, effective leaders in your organization. If we can be of service to you, please Contact Us.


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