«Our participants were given new frameworks, new concepts to think about that they wouldn’t have thought about in their day-to-day operations. What individuals got out of that was a very different framework for themselves, they challenged themselves, they challenged their own thinking.»

Tony Russell, Director Senior Executive Development, L’Oreal

«Through their Learning Expeditions & Development Programs, WDHB has constituted major milestones in the acceleration of our transformation in specific areas. It is easy to work with their team in a co-creative way, they understood our leaders, our strategic context and culture to personalize these experiences that push us to grow further every time.»

Radoslaw Krasowiak, Senior HR Manager Corporate, Amcor Group GmbH

«It was the next step of adult learning. That’s not only the class room experience or team exchange. It’s going out to meet somebody, totally different from your own world, and you have to experience in the field.  This is very different. It took us all out of our comfort zone.  And this was really great.»

Jasmin Franz, Senior Leadership Development Manager, Siemens AG

“Exciting, intimate and intensive: WDHB’s expeditions always challenge your own point of view. This will allow you to reinvent your own business.”

Corinna Ortner, General Manager, Danone Waters Switzerland

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