Make Tomorrow Happen

Power your transformation and turn new awareness into action by providing your teams with the means to achieve strategic goals. Designed to foster new mindsets, adopt new tools and acquire new skills, tailored development programs are designed to build the competencies that are essential for change.

Enable your teams to make tomorrow happen successfully by injecting the unique WDHB spirit into your training practice:

  • Bespoke programs including testimonials, immersive activities and encounters to add context, emotion and relevance

  • Robust and sustainable outcomes thanks to well-rounded experiential learning approach

  • Flexibility to deliver locally or virtually, maximizing access, minimizing time investment

  • Scalability to reach broad and diverse audiences across your entire organization

Sustained Transformation at Scale

WDHB as your design and delivery partner offers the following services from one hand:

  • Research and design of single or multi-modular upskilling programs

  • Establishment of program narrative and learning architecture

  • Outreach, coordination and briefing of all content and activity partners

  • Coordination of project logistics in collaboration with your teams

  • Thorough review and refinement post pilot program delivery

  • Multi-lingual on-site program management and facilitation on all continents

  • Comprehensive quality and evaluation framework, with option for certification

Virtual Upskilling Programs

Shift attitudes, explore new approaches and change behaviors with carefully curated and facilitated Virtual Upskilling Progams.

Delivered to remote audiences of any level, accessible from the comfort of participants' homes, offices or even on the go.

Combining encounters with thought-leaders, practitioners and methodology experts with facilitated exercises supported by latest interaction technologies.

  • Asset 7

    Comprehensive curriculum and content co-design in coordination with external partners

  • Asset 6

    Facilitation of live sessions + participant engagement and documentation throughout the learning journey

  • Asset 4

    Use dedicated learning program platforms or host programs on your LMS/communications infrastructure


Flexible Virtual Formats

Opportunities for unexpected encounters and valuable outside-in perspectives while leveraging the latest communication technology and facilitation.

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