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Amsterdam Large


Service innovation has become a primary focus in the Netherlands. Important local actors and multinational companies established in Amsterdam are leveraging customer-centric practices and tools to innovate their offerings and increase customer satisfaction.

Expedition Themes:

The Global Village; International Workforce; Entrance into Europe’s Markets; Network for Young and Old Organizations

Atlanta Large


With a strong focus on engineering & technology, Atlanta hosts a number of innovative players across industries. Some of the world’s best employers & great work places call Atlanta home. The emergence of a dynamic startup ecosystem has changed organizational practices in the city, forcing large companies to adapt.

Expeditions Themes:

Diverse Business Powerhouse; Manufacturing for the Future; Customer-Centric Innovation



Austin is considered to have the strongest metropolitan economy in the United States. Its diverse business scene includes an interesting mix of legacy companies and startups. The annual conference SXSW is known globally and boosts the city’s reputation as an innovation center. Home to travel companies like HomeAway and successful retail startups like RetailMeNot, Austin can offer a unique perspective around travel retail.

Expeditions Themes:

Legacy Companies & Startups; Food Innovation Hotbed

Bangalore Large


Riding on the success of its booming information technology industry, Bangalore is becoming the “IT capital of India”. Entrepreneurs and multinationals alike are finding inexpensive solutions within the constraints of a developing country. Indian ingenuity and a deep understanding of customer needs helps Bangalore companies innovate.

Expedition Themes:

Information Technology Capital of India; Workable Solutions from Limited Resources; Social Innovation

Barcelona Large


Barcelona is betting on cultural differentiation and customer-centric innovation to recover from the Spanish crisis. It has a high concentration of costomer-centric industries, powered by the services boom and government support. Major draw for multinationals and access to a skilled workforce make Barcelona a dynamic hub of the Spanish startup scene.

Expedition Themes:

Cultural Differentiation & Skilled Workforce; Sprouted From Crisis

Beijing Large


China’s capital and economic powerhouse – constantly reimagining itself as it races towards the future and inextricably linked to its notorious past – Beijing is as compelling as it is complex. The city is a global technology hub and boasts a thriving startup ecosystem.

Expedition Themes:

Strong Contradiction of Modernization & Globalization; Rapid Change of Urban Development; Startup Capital of China

Berlin Large


Berlin is home to a vibrant innovation economy and is regarded as one of Europe’s top startup capitals. With a commitment to infrastructure and funding opportunitis, numerous accelerators and incubators, Berlin has attracted talent from around the world to set roots in their city, launching their innovations into the market.

Expedition Themes:

Hub for Artificial Intelligence; Collaboration Cross Between Academia & Industry



Home of the world’s leading research institutions, Boston has also developed a highly networked R&D ecosystem beyond academia, fostering innovation practices among companies and their partners. In parallel, the city hosts some of the world’s most renowned hospitals which apply innovative management practices and recently became a hotbed for startups in travel and technology.

Expeditions Themes:

Gateway to Europe; Person-to-Person Community; Attracting the Youngest & Brightest; Hub for Cutting-Edge Research & Development; FinTech Fueling Global Innovation

Chicago Large


Once the heart of industrial America, Chicago has succeeded in adapting to new economic patterns and remains a hub of innovation and entrepreneurial activity. Companies have adjusted to the new (customer) requirements of a global economy by placing a special focus on digitization, service innovation and speed of implementation.

Expedition Themes:

Heart of Industrial America; Digitization & Speed Implementation

Copenhagen Large


Denmark offers one of Europe’s most progressive national and organizational cultures, dedicated to nurturing human capital and empowering teams to drive transformation and innovation. The 2014 European green capital is also often cited as a model for clean and smart mobility. The population has growth by a fifth in the past two decades.

Expedition Themes:

Progressive Organizational Cultures; Nurturing Human Capital; Empowered Teams to Drive

Delhi Large


While India is undergoing a transition from a developing economy to a global powerhouse, its capital appears as a poster child for India’s “re-branding”. India’s 2nd largest city and the seat of government, Delhi is experiencing deep urban and economic renewal, with many powerful brands emerging and others turning from local leaders to global influencers.

Expedition Themes:

Developing Economy to Global Powerhouse Lead in Trade Urban Renewal

Denver Large


Significant oil and mining sectors have traditionally shaped Denver’s bustling economy. Today, the Mile High City leads the charge in reimagining the energy, finance and telecommunication industries thanks to its ability to both grow and attract global benchmark companies. The city has a reputation for creativity and focus on fitness and outdoor activities.

Expedition Themes:

Oil & Mining Sectors, Reimagining Energy, Attracting Aerospace Companies, Focus on Well-Being and Employee Wellness

Dubai Large


While Dubai’s economy was initially built around the oil industry, it has now become an important port for Western manufacturers, a huge hub for banking and financial centers, and one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

Expedition Themes:

Port to Western Manufacturing; Banking & Financial Center

Dublin Large


The Dublin region is the centerpiece of the Irish economy and has transformed itself from one primarily based on agriculture and traditional manufacturing into one increasingly reliant upon high technology industries and the service sector. Dublin has expanded its economy by pursuing an innovative customer service culture by encouraging business startups, inward investment and tourism.

Expedition Themes:

High Technology & Service Center; Innovative Customer Service Culture; Inward Investment

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

While the world’s attention is focused on China as it moves from heavy manufacturing to a service-based economy, Hong Kong is undertaking its own important shift in focus. Once specialized in manufacturing goods to ship to the world, Hong Kong is now reinventing itself and drives innovation through collaborative practices and new models for value delivery.

Expedition Themes:

Mature Economy of Asia; Mix of Autonomy & Interconnectedness; Product & Service Design; New Models for Value Delivery; Promoting Collaborative Practices

Kuala Lumpur Large

Kuala Lumpur

The capital city of Malaysia, Kaula Lumpur is the most important city to do business in the country. As the 34th most powerful city in the world – full of cultural mix – many businesses are established in this buzzing city. With its rising startup climate, Kuala Lumpur has served as home base for some of the top recent startups like Grab, the Asean answer to Uber.

Expedition Themes:

City of Contract & Diversity; Exciting & Surprising Endeavors; A City’s Re-Brand; Robost Pool of Talent; Urban Risk & Reslience

Lima Large


Lima is at the heart of the Peruvian economy and a testimony to the country’s modernization initiatives. The city has experienced a healthy and sustainable growth led by private investments. It is the industrial and financial center of Peru and one of the most important financial centers in Latin America.

Expedition Themes:

Macroeconomic Soundness; Optimal Government-Driven Conditions; Powered by the Lay of the Land; Attractive Market for Foreign Investment

London Large


Home to many of the world’s largest financial powerhouses, London attracts global players from all industries who value the city’s creative & economic leadership. As one of Europe’s most dynamic cities, London is bustling with world-class industrial organizations. London adopts mobility approaches to cope with projected growth of almost 10 million people by 2030.

Expedition Themes:

Home of Global Players; World-Class Dynamic Organizations; Technologically Advanced Infrastructure and Mobility; Growth & Vibrant Change

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

LA is known as a place where new ideas and fresh thinking are as much a part of the landscape a the city’s creativity and innovation. The City of Angels is at the cutting edge of clean technology, transportation, trade and media. As the third largest metropolitan economy in the world, the area’s players seize opportunities with optimism and entrepreneurial thinking.

Expedition Themes:

International Trade Center; Multi-faceted Economy; Film & Media at the Forefront; Fresh & Optimistic Thinking; City of Creativity & Innovation; Clean Technology

Medellin Large


In recent years, Medellin has been showing promise as an innovation and entrepreneurial hub of Latin America. The city contains a large economy, revitalized by large infrastructure projects. For the past few years, an internationalization strategy led by governmental agencies have atracted foreign direct investment in the innovative ecosystem.

Expedition Themes:

Technology & Innovation for Social Good; Governmental Progressive Action

Montreal Large


Montreal is one of North America’s most innovative and creative cities. Quebec’s metropolis is also a global leader in diverse sectors with high added value in artificial intelligence, video games and visual effects.

Expedition Themes:

Recognized Aerospace Cener; Visual Effects & Animation; Life Sciences & Health Technologies; Video Games For All

New York Large

New York City

The Big Apple is not only a major center of economic power, but also boasts one of America’s most customer-centric innovation cultures. The number one destination for overseas visiters with 54 of the world’s Fortune 500 companies also attracts a multi-cultural and skilled workforce. Major industries include clean technology, financial services, aerospace & defence and information & nanotechnology.

Expedition Themes:

Finance Hub of the World | Media Capital of the World

Paris Large


Deep transformation of established corporations moving towards more fluid & progressive organizational cultures, Paris has a leading edge in talent management, learning & development, with strong maturity of the ecosystem.

Expedition Themes:

Boosting Manufacturing Performance; Magnet for Powerful Players; Incubators & Acceleration; Agile Business Practices

San Francisco Large

San Francisco

There are few destinations in the world on par with the Bay area’s innovation culture & growth mindset. An incubator for budding entrepreneurs, emerging technologies and disruptive innovation, San Francisco & Silicon Valley provide an ideal backdrop in examining the next generation of leadership.

Expedition Themes:

Partner Ecosystem for Agility | Tech Entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley

Seattle Large


Seattle is home to a large number of “love brands”, a booming startup scene & some of the many Fortune 500 companies with headquarters, hubs or research centers.

Expedition Themes:

Culture of Experimentation & Risk; Customer Centric Practices; Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship; Tech Talent & Investors



With insufficient natural resources, South Korea’s principal wealth is an abundant supply of skilled labor, leading to impressive track-records in patent applications in recent years. Also, the government has made a significant bet on the tech sector and a creative economy by pledging to invest more in startups and entrepreneurial endeavors in the future.

Expedition Themes:

Retail Market of the Future; K Beauty; Mobile First Customers; Gateway to the Asian Market



As one of the most populated cities in the world with the largest retail market, Shanghai has long been a draw for international retailers. Leading companies have displayed out of the box thinking, developed innovative products that are relevant to Chinese consumers’ tastes, and reinvented their marketing strategies and business models to reach diverse groups of customers.

Expedition Themes:

Testing Ground for Entrepreneurial Residents; Finance, Trade & Shipping Port

Shenzhen Large


For outside observers, Shenzhen might look like another Chinese 15 million metropolis, but for a small global community of hackers and entrepreneurs, this is a technological heaven – a vibrant, multi-colored landscape of possibility, opportunity and creative exploration.

Expedition Themes:

Technological Heaven; Creative Exploration; Technology Manufacturing Hub



The Gateway to Asia is a unique multicultural blend of entrepreneurs and innovators, leading the way in innovation across industries. As the World bank’s “easiest place to do business”, Singapore has managed to attract some of the most customer-centric companies, reinventing business models & innovating services.

Expedition Themes:

Fertile Environmental for Business; Flow of Trade; Pro-Business Environment

Stockholm Large


Sweden’s capital is often considered to be one of Europe’s unicorn factories – producing a disproportionate number of high value companies. This is by design. Entrepreneurship is encouragedd from an early age on and schools foster critical thinking and interest in technology with partnerships across multiple industries.

Expedition Themes:

Unicorn Factories; Digital Economy; Fast-Paced Environment; Critical Thinking for Non-Profits



Over the past decades, Taiwan has become one of the world’s most successful economies, thanks to its favorable economic policies and proximity to China. It has built itself into a major player in global technology supply chains through fast, efficient manufacturing of information technology hardware and is now engaged in a deep economic transformation.

Expedition Themes:

Global Technology Supply Chains; Fast & Efficient Manufacturing of IT Hardware; Adapting to Global Demand

Tallinn Large


Tallinn is a world leader in all things IT, backed by high degree of government digitalization. Leapfrogging traditional goerment processes has benefitted small and large organizations that use Tallinn as their gateway to the world.

Expedition Themes:

Startup Wonderland; Technology Development Center; Knowledge-Based Economy

Tel Aviv large

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the fnancial center and technology hub of Israel. Located on Israel’s Mediterranean coastline,t he city is often referred to as Silicon Wadi (a riff of Silicon Valley) due to its high tech company concentration. A city built on sand dunes, Tel Aviv has grown as a hub of business and scientific research.

Expedition Themes:

Start-Up Nation of Silicon Wadi; Cyber-based Economy; Local Citizens at the Core; National Strategy Around Artificial Intelligence; Scientific Research

Tokyo Large


One of Asia’s most iconic mega-cities, Tokyo remains a hub of innovation and research in the future of global markets. With a long-engraved cutlure of operational efficiency and quality, the Tokyo area is an ideal hub to explore new models for value delivery.

Expedition Themes:

Mega-Cities; Future of Global Markets; Operational Efficiency and Quality; New Models for Value Delivery; Services in the Digital Economy



As a result of a forward-thinking government and amazing access to technology, Toronto is emerging as a technology hub and attracting increasing investments. With an incredible talent pool and leading educational institutions, we are seeing the rise of industries and markets in healthcare and financial services.

Expedition Themes:

Banking & Stock Exchange Center of Canda; Distribution Point; Raw Materials and Hydroelectric Power; Traditional and Advanced Manufacturing

Zurich Large


Nested at the heart of Europe and the Alps, Switzerland is a partner of choice when it comes to operational excellence and high-quality goods. Part of Europe but not the European Union, Swiss companies perfectly know how to adapt to changing economic conditions & policy frameworks and remain strong on a global playing field.

Expedition Themes:

Partner of Choice; Operational Excellence; High-Quality Goods; Adapt to Changing Economic Conditions; Outstanding Collaboration Networks

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