Provocation à la carte

Drawing from extensive research across a variety of sources and the constant exposure to the movers and shakers of the global economy, custom-built content delivers relevant and disruptive input to your organization’s ambitions and challenges. WDHB maps out the ambition and scope, co-designs the best engagement strategy and then delivers in whatever the most practical format – on the topics that matter to you.

Collaborate with WDHB's insight team to generate the following benefits for your organization:

  • Feeling peace of mind for having dedicated eyes and ears looking outside your ecosystem

  • Providing your communities up-to-date information on news, publications and events in real-time

  • Purposeful agenda-setting integrating external stories as relevant to your strategic ambitions

  • Expanding your team's individual awareness on trends, tools and frameworks

  • Boosting confidence and building the drive to tackle transformational challenges

  • Insights on Subscription

    You wish to provide your leadership or employee community with thought-provoking news and contents on a regular basis. True to WDHB’s principle of reflection, inputs are accompanied by questions and exercises that trigger immediate application.

    To be delivered via app, intranet, newsletter, magazine or podcast | weekly/monthly/quarterly 

  • Personalized Trend Research

    You have identified a key strategic issue for which you wish to go a different route than your traditional market or benchmark study. Our multi-layered contextual analysis will deliver insights, scenarios and opportunities to magnify opportunities.

    To be delivered as customized pdf or ppt or to your specifications 

  • Business Intelligence Analyst in Residence

    Bolster your unit's trend sensitivity while saving your team's resources – all by assigning a business intelligence mandate to dedicated WDHB designers and specialists. Regularly scanning the global mediascape and dedicated sources for relevant content, our specialists are on call to inject disruptive input in your meetings and plans.

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