Neurobehavioral Science is changing strategic learning and change management

We formed an alliance with Kintla, a San Francisco based leadership coaching and team development firm, to further transform the human potential and performance of their clients. The partnership will combine WDHB’s expertise in creating experiences that challenge leaders to harness individual and collective creativity and innovation and Kintla’s science-based leadership and teamwork offerings.

Together, WDHB and Kintla are co-innovating strategic learning and change management programs to address the need for organizations to leverage new capacities in order to transform themselves. The first co-innovation focus area will be the development and design of solution components that will be integrated with WDHB’s customized learning programs. These components include:

  • Executive Coaching: One-on-one coaching using a three-dimensional model of feedback and observation to assess existing patterns and identify shifts that will improve effectiveness and performance.
  • Cohort Coaching: Programs for developing high potential leaders early in their careers focused on understanding and managing self, influencing and relating to others, and improving overall impact on the business.
  • High Performance Teamwork: Using Kintla’s High Performance Team Assessment as input, WDHB and Kintla facilitate team sessions and follow-up post-Learning Expedition to assess progress and provide coaching on identified actions to help teams implement their plans.
  • Creating Success in Matrix Organizations: This program helps leadership teams understand matrix organizations and how to collaborate across organizational boundaries.
  • Building a Resilient Culture: Neuroscience and Organizations: Reviewing strategies for building resilience under pressure with emphasis on developing an individual plan for shifting Daily Operating Rhythms to improve resilience.
  • Strategic Alignment: Change blueprint to identify organizational goals and all the actions and behaviors aligned with the goals and metrics for assessing progress.Through this partnership, WDHB clients will have access to a wide array of tools for individual & collective development based on the latest neuro-behavioral findings. Kintla clients will have an opportunity to bring together tools in powerful journeys and enhance them with impactful discovery elements.

About Kintla

Kintla customizes programs for leaders and leadership teams that improve productivity, teamwork, and strategic thinking. Kintla helps leaders thrive in fast-paced, stressful work environments that require tools for addressing daily reality while building resilience and capacity for the long run. Kintla’s innovative solutions are based on behavioral and neuroscience and can be adapted to a variety of situations and types of organizations.

Kintla was established in 2013 in San Francisco by Jim Illich and Dr. Bruce Perry who brought together their interests in improving organizations and expanding the application of neurobehavioral science. In 2014, CEO Bill Redmon joined the company to lead Kintla’s executive coaching practice.

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