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WDHB Lab explores the most-established theories and the latest trends in the field of Learning & Development. Our research aims at understanding the way learning happens in organizations in order to develop cutting-edge approaches to corporate L&D.

Our Ambitions in a Nutshell:

Unveiling Learning Processes

Unveiling the ways in which learning happens at the individual, team and organizational levels and in the interaction between these 3 units. 

Expanding the community

We want to nurture a network of passion and expertise around Learning & Development, exchanging and sharing best practices.

Building the Future of Learning

We create frameworks and tools to empower learners and improve L&D efficiency.


The Learning Organization

The concept of the Learning Organization applied to today’s fast-changing world: How do we move from an ideal vision into actually fostering learning communities?

WDHB Lab’s new report provides a deep dive with plenty of inspiring examples from forefront companies like Microsoft and Airbnb.

How to future your L&D

The Future of L&D

This comprehensive 85-page report is based on in-depth research into the trends in this field as well as interviews with practitioners and experts counting amongst the most knowledgeable and passionate L&D leaders in Europe.

Podcast #1:

The Brain, cradle of the learning processes

For this podcast, we spoke with neuroscientist Marie Lacroix about what happens at the brain level when people are learning.

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