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#1: The Brain, cradle of the learning processes

For this podcast, we spoke with neuroscientist Marie Lacroix about what happens at the brain level when people are learning.

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WDHB in 2020

Learning and change are inseparable. In our work, we speak of developing leaders’ toolset, skillset and mindset. Learning from each other and with each other is crucial. Now is the time to use every trick in the book! Also for us. Here we want to share what learnings shaped us over these challenging few months.

The Trusting Leader

By |

Remember when Trust was a nice-to-have? Well, it’s not anymore, so I took some time to reflect on how I show trust and find inspiring examples of what works in practice to become trusting leaders.

5 Qualities of an Engaged Team

By |

Our emotions are inseparable from our capacity to learn and develop. Therefore, we decided to look at the neurological cross between learning processes and how we feel.

How to Lead if Everyone is Out of Office

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The latest turmoil around Coronavirus has left organizations across the world ready to make part of their workforce – temporarily – remote. Download our latest white paper, in which we explore what the Out Of Office era means for us at work, at home, and what will continue to drive and enable it.

Can You Make Learning Stick? Try Spaced Learning!

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Extraordinary progress in neuroscience is teaching us more about our brains than ever before. But despite our growing preoccupation with productivity and efficiency, most of us haven’t changed our learning habits. So, we decided to ask a neuroscientist how to become better learners.

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The Future of L&D 2019

We at WDHB have the chance of working with some of the world’s most progressive corporate Learning & Development teams, and partnering with many forward-looking institutions active in education and executive development. This has put us in a privileged position to watch and participate in the evolutions of the L&D field.

This report is based on in-depth research into the trends in this field as well as interviews of a wealth of practitioners and experts counting amongst the most knowledgeable and passionate L&D leaders in Europe.

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