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#1: The Brain, cradle of the learning processes

For this podcast, we spoke with neuroscientist Marie Lacroix about what happens at the brain level when people are learning.

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Experience is the Heart of our Learning Brain

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Einstein perfectly described what neuroscience tells us today: “Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.” Here is why Experiential Learning is the closest we get to perfect learning conditions for the human brain.

The WDHB Lab Manifesto

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Since 1989, WDHB has pioneered experience-driven approaches to Learning & People Development. Today, we aim to build a knowledge and innovation hub through which we can keep developing cutting-edge methods and frameworks for corporate learning. These are our guiding principles:

Unveiling the true meaning of experiential learning

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The real world is a perfect learning environment: It contextualises, creates urgency, increases empathy, demans creativity and collaboration. And yet, L&D designers seem to lack the framework to leverage experiential learning to its full potential.

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The Future of L&D 2019

We at WDHB have the chance of working with some of the world’s most progressive corporate Learning & Development teams, and partnering with many forward-looking institutions active in education and executive development. This has put us in a privileged position to watch and participate in the evolutions of the L&D field.

This report is based on in-depth research into the trends in this field as well as interviews of a wealth of practitioners and experts counting amongst the most knowledgeable and passionate L&D leaders in Europe.

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