A new Framework to deal with the Paradigm Shifts of our Times.

For over a decade we have been talking about and observing the acceleration in change; and the VUCA model has become a term that best encapsulated how we feel about the modern, accelerated world. While it has at times been both confused and overused, it has been a useful framework to raise awareness and generate ways to overcome some of its associated challenges.

Our education system hasn’t been (and in most cases still isn’t) preparing us to the reality of the big paradigm shifts happening in today’s economies. On the other hand, few employees doubt that change is the new constant and learning is part of the job. Everybody knows the huge shifts companies like Facebook, Tencent or Airbnb have meant to the ecosystems they touch. Digital platforms have created a new breed of business models and it’s a war zone. We get it.

We like to work with a Resilience model because it takes us a step further. It looks at remedies from within ourselves, our peers and our organization.

Learn how to build organizational resilience and become a key strategic contributor to a culture that bridges the cap between agility and consistency!

Our Resilience Articles:

Make Resilience the New North Star of Your L&D Strategy

There’s a good case for Resilience as the centerpiece to address successful strategic learning needs on every level, from the individual to the organization as a whole.

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Neuroplasticity and Resilience: The Case for Mindfulness as a Growth-Hacking Tool

Mindfulness is not a lifestyle fad — it’s one way to master our most essential tool as leaders: Our brain. A resilient company is made up of individual contributions from people who know how and when they perform best.

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Companies Discover the True Value of Purpose

Purpose provides stability and clarity in order to embrace agility and ambiguity — which could well serve as a definition of Resilience. Companies are restructuring with this in mind.

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