Learning Expeditions are multi-day strategic discovery programs interweaving immersive experiences of unfamiliar contents, stakeholders and ecosystems with moments of reflection and creative production. Taking participants outside of their everyday comfort zone, they trigger deeply disruptive insights that will push your organization to the next level.

Sample Program

Sample Program

WDHB weaves these elements together into a purposeful flow, taking into account the learning rhythm of the individual, in addition to the collective change process that a group will go through. WDHB facilitation and on-site program coordination guarantee that the participants will live the expedition as an integrated, seamless experience.

As the global pioneer in the field of Learning Expeditions, WDHB has produced over 600 of these tailor-made programs on four continents. Learning Expeditions cover a variety of topics across industries, functions and business challenges and provide the most demanding of audiences with a platform to grow as individuals, teams and future-forward organizations.

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