Adaptive Leader Experience

WDHB is proud to deliver the Adaptive Leader Experience in association with The Conference Board the conference board

Embracing Agility in Times of Change

During this virtual live experience, your leaders will gain a deep understanding of how to apply the principles of Adaptive Leadership to their leadership challenges in a rapidly changing environment. Build collective knowledge and discover real solutions within the context of your organization’s strategic priorities.

Participants will connect with each other as they explore the Adaptive Leadership principles through the lens of the Apollo Moon Missions. During highly interactive sessions, they will apply actionable leadership lessons in the context of the organization, the team, and the individual leader.


“(From Left to Right) Sally Ride, Bob Crippen, Kathy Sullivan, Dave Leestma and Jon McBride walk out to the flight line at Ellington. Dave Leestma is a guest speaker and historian for our Apollo and Adaptive Leader Experiences for almost a decade.”

Key Leadership Themes

Adapt Quicky and Efficiently

Adaptive Leaders learn from the past and implement solutions to drive future success.

Establish a Future Vision

Adaptive Leaders unify the organization around shared values and leverage resources to support team goals and desired objectives.

Lead During Constant Change

Adaptive Leaders empower decision-making and action in order to keep the organization moving forward regardless of internal or external changes.


Principles of Adaptive Leadership

Empower and align your team to adapt quickly and efficiently, establish a future vision, and lead in today’s rapidly changing environment. An Adaptive Leader:

  • Scans the Environment for Challenge & Change
  • Models Orienting Values
  • Optimizes Resources & Capabilities
  • Innovates Responsively
  • Takes Losses & Moves on

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