Learning Expeditions

Witness the forces that shape tomorrow, not in your boardroom, but out in the real world. Carefully crafted learning experiences allow executives and talents to project themselves into the future - the gold standard of experiential learning.

Learning Expeditions Produce Outcomes In Multiple Dimensions

  • 1 Connecting your organization to a hyper-dynamic ecosystem
  • 2 Bringing your team together around a shared vision and priorities
  • 3 Nurturing your strategy and culture with disruptive and relevant input
  • 4 Expanding individual awareness, building urgency and boosting transformation

Experiential Learning Design

Learning Expeditions combine immersive experiences and encounters with times dedicated to reflection and conversations. Different modes of exploration are integrated into a purposeful flow designed around professional development.

  1. Understand your challenge or aspiration
  2. Develop a thematic architecture and blueprint with our design team
  3. Deliver impact through experience
  4. Act on learnings within organization

We Got You Covered

With over 75% of client retention, there are many reasons why our clients count on us again and again for their strategic learning expeditions.

  • 1 In-depth research and design of an original program
  • 2 Outreach, coordination and briefing of all exchange and activity partners
  • 3 Coordination of all on-the-ground, on-location logistics (hotels, transport, meals and venues)
  • 4 Participant engagement and documentation pre, on and post program
  • 5 Extensive on-site scouting, program management and participant care
  • 6 Facilitation accompaniment during all internal and external sessions
  • 7 Comprehensive quality and evaluation framework

Client Case Studies

Unpacking Potential

The onboarding and annual collocations co-designed and organized by WDHB contributed to the success story of the...

Changing Culture Changes The Game

A series of Learning Expeditions provided Belfius with the energy and inspiration to innovate and transform customer journeys in...

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