Client Testimonials

From Fortune 500 multinational corporations to fast-moving leaders in niche markets, our clients have one thing in common — a drive to stay ahead of the curve! We are thrilled to work with diverse clients across many industries and around the globe.


“Together, we have achieved what we set out to do: To change the conversation in Belfius and instill a culture of innovation and collaboration. WDHB pushed us out of our comfort, and we were always right to trust WDHB.”

Camille Gillon

Head of Human Resources Management,
Belfius Bank

“In a challenging situation, WDHB co-developed with us an ad-hoc curriculum and co-creative process to analyze and respond to challenges associated with COVID-19.”

Sandro Muri

Group Head Talent Development,
Swiss Life

“These are the sorts of experience that create and foster paradigm shifts and, in some cases, paradigm shatters, that help you look at situations in a completely different way.”

John Kolmer

Global Leadership Development Leader,
Dow Chemical

“After expeditions had served as a strategic wake-up call, we were happy to count on WDHB bringing their approach to experiential learning into a local and scalable format exposing over 1,000 employees and 400 leaders to a tailored growth experience driving transformation at TF1.”

Arnaud Bosom

Former EVP Human Resources & CSP, TF1 Group


“The Gold Medal Experience was a great way to internalize leadership lessons in a way that sticks.”

Brad Sikorski

SVP Technology & Global Business Services Finance


“Using the Apollo Experience to discuss leadership was both engaging and relevant to our current business issues. I was able to outline leadership strategies for my organization going forward.”

Laurie Brubaker

Executive Vice President


“This experience [Launch Point] allowed me to drill into areas most relevant to me and my team while seeing the space program in a way I never imaged.”

Geoff Souser

Customer Care Business Leader, Progressive


“The Gettysburg Experience demonstrates how the problems of today are not new and the past is a great resource for principles to solutions.”

Travis Fisher

Executive Director


“The Normandy Experience provided a relevant and dynamic team building experience. The history provided a framework for discussion to support our strategic planning process and connect strategy to reality.”

Devin Wenig

Former President & CEO


“The level of actionable knowledge you gain by engaging intensively with top business minds from other industries cannot be acquired in a classroom. As a participant, WDHB’s programs have helped me evolve my mindset and further develop the way I impact our organization.”

Carlos Trubasz

Strategic Marketing Manager and participant


I’ve had the opportunity to work on different learning expeditions for the ACDP program. It was always a great pleasure working with WDHB, I especially value their expertise in creating a memorable experience and their creative ideas. For our participants, it’s a great way to networking, learning new ways of thinking and expanding their knowledge. The ideas that were generated during expedition enable the ACDP participants to be great change agents.”

Ilsa Zulji

Talent & Development Manager


“As a presenter, I had the chance to be part of the Onboarding and Learning Expeditions facilitated by WDHB. I was impressed by the diversity of learning experiences and the mix of internal and external speakers as well as different company visits. For our participants, it was a valuable week away from their day-to-day responsibilities to gain new insights and challenge their way of thinking.”

Hilary Crowe

VP Human Resources & Communications


“The Waterloo Experience gave us interesting insights that helped our team refocus on the essentials, regain motivation and put things into perspective.”

Bernard Lang

Finance Director

“Learning in context accelerates and intensifies learning. The Learning Expeditions enabled our organization to open itself to regions, topics and stakeholders that we have been ignoring – it changed every participant and created a sustainable impact on our business.”

Bénédicte Marchal

Head of Talent, Leadership & Change, Belfius

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