L&D Consulting

The role of L&D is increasingly strategic and vital to the long-term health of the organization. L&D teams must adapt to new expectations, roles and importance within organizations. We help you shape your learning organization, co-create powerful L&D agendas and design comprehensive and impactful learning curriculums and processes.

Your Challenges:

  • 1 How to best serve the needs of the business and the learner
  • 2 How to be recognized as a strategic asset in the organization
  • 3 How to move from providing training events to creating & managing a learning ecosystem throughout the organization

Approach: 4 Core Dimensions

All powerful L&D strategies must be built on 4 core dimension. At the very heart of effective L&D strategy is the function’s ability to become a catalyst of learning culture.


Services Offered

Leveraging latest research, original methods and a rich ecosystem to future-proof your L&D agenda.


Based on your stated goals, we evaluate your organization’s learning fitness using 3 different assessments.

  1. L&D Needs Assessment
  2. L&D Organization Assessment
  3. L&D Capacity Assessment
  4. Post-Assessment Analysis

Strategy Definition

Help you strategize and establish your vision, purpose and priorities for your L&D function.


Curriculum & Development Journey Design

Create L&D programs directly linked to address the skills development needs identified for organizational success.


Project Support & Implementation

Deliver project support to successfully coordinate and implement your large-scale L&D engagements.


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