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Why Should A Client Choose WDHB As Their Organization’s Strategic Partner In L&D?

As thought leaders charting the future of organizational learning, we are focused on anticipating the ever-changing landscape facing organizations today. We help you create the momentum necessary to strategically solve problems and address obstacles in bold, unconventional ways. From L&D consulting to custom on-location and virtual experiential learning programs, there is an expansiveness to the experience that we create for you.

We are a forward-focused team relentlessly dedicated to helping you continually improve your L&D strategy. With our robust ecosystem of experts and partners, we provide unparalleled access to people, research and stories that provide learning mindsets, skillsets and toolsets for you to do the hard work required to achieve your greatest strategic visions. Through original, engaging and memorable learning, our goal is your success — today and for years to come.

Who Should Attend WDHB’s Experiential Learning Programs And Engage With The Consulting Team?

WDHB’s experiential learning programs are for leaders and high potentials within an organization. The bespoke nature of our programs allows for customization in order to address challenges for all levels of leadership. Please get in touch with our Client Solutions Team to discuss your specific situation in more detail.

WDHB’s consulting team works with L&D teams focused on being future-ready and ensuring that human capital and financial resources are allocated most effectively across the organization. L&D teams can no longer be a mere provider of trainings or simply a box to check; they must develop a strategic advantage for an organization.

What Are The Benefits Of Experiential Learning?

Experiential learning brings the real world and learning concepts together. The learner is placed in a situation with real-life context and high authenticity and is given the opportunity to live through it for themselves. Based on this first-hand encounter, they reflect and develop ideas that are applicable for them. The outcomes of experiential learning are characterized by higher relevance, increased buy-in, broader ownership and more sustainable impact.

How Does WDHB Ensure The Programs Meet The Specific Challenges And Opportunities Facing Each Client?

We do not work in a vacuum to develop L&D programs, curriculum or research reports. We collaborate and partner with our clients to ensure that content and context are applicable, relevant and customer-focused. Trust is vital to these relationships. You must trust us and we must trust you. Significant time and energy are spent in collaboration to go beyond the surface of whatever situation you are facing to really get to the heart of the matter and address it in ways that resonate with the participants so that real progress can be made. Effective L&D is not “one size fits all.” It is customized and evokes emotion and engagement from the participants so they connect with the content and embrace the learning journey to have real impact on how they operate as individuals, teams and organizations.

How Is Experiential Learning Really Possible During Covid-19?

While the opportunities to experience on-location learning exchanges may be limited due to travel restrictions and social distancing imperatives, the power of personal testimonials, authentic dialogues and team collaboration remain strong components of experiential learning. Virtual and hybrid solutions utilize various technology solutions that bring your team together for relevant, timely and impactful learning. 

Where Can I Learn More About The Latest In L&D Thought-Leadership And Insights?

WDHB Lab explores both well-established theories and the latest trends in the field of learning and development. Our research team is dedicated to understanding how learning happens in organizations and then develops cutting-edge approaches to corporate L&D for today and tomorrow. Visit our Resources page for articles and videos. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to get immediate access to our latest research reports as they as published.

What Is The Future Of Experiential Learning?

Thanks to advances in behavioral science, the mechanics of learning and organizational development continue to evolve. Additionally, technological advances and creative endeavors are constantly expanding the breadth and depth of transformative experiences that can be created to deliver L&D with real impact for organizations. We are committed to integrating the latest insights into our approaches, product solutions and thought leadership research to actively shape the future of experiential learning.

Am I Able To Experience A Demo Or Preview Prior To Committing To A Full Program For My Team Or Organization?

Yes! Our Public Previews are the best way to experience a program first-hand before creating a custom program for your leaders. Public Previews provide opportunities for you to engage with the content of our experiential learning programs in order to evaluate their potential fit for your organization. As you connect with other L&D leaders and attend select sessions from our full-length programs, you will gain insights that you can immediately apply to your team and organization. Please contact our Client Solutions Team to learn more and to discuss how you can participate in an upcoming Public Preview.

How Can I Get Started On An Experiential Learning Program Or L&D Consulting For My Organization?

We would love to talk with you. Please contact our Client Solutions Team or schedule a call for your earliest convenience.

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