Development Programs

To broaden awareness and enable upskilling throughout your organization, we create tailored, scalable and localized Development Programs. Designed for strategic competency acquisition (mindset, toolset and skillset), they foster learning that lasts with large-scale results.

Development Programs Are Focused On

  • 1

    Fostering New Mindsets

  • 2

    Acquiring Skillsets

  • 3

    Adopting Toolsets


Development Programs combine scalable learning sessions that shift attitudes, develop fluency and change behaviors in a purposeful flow.

Build Awareness – Provide Tools & Remove Obstacles – Mobilize Change

Typical Logistics:

  1. 2-5 Days (consecutive or spaced out)
  2. 15-30 Participants

Services Included

  • 1 Bespoke Program Design
  • 2 Pilot Delivery and Adjustments
  • 3 Contributor Coordination
  • 4 Expert Facilitation
  • 5 Logistics/Tech Coordination
  • 6 Program Management
    Formation en Management
    Satisfaction Rate: 92.5%
    Number of Attended Participants: 43
  • 7 Comprehensive Evaluation
  • 8 Certification, Upon Request

Anticipated Outcomes


Unique Selling Points

  • 1

    Fully Bespoke

    Upskill leaders and high-potentials according to your desired learning outcomes and unique organizational needs from a broad array of content and activities.
  • 2

    Scalable Awareness and Impact

    Reach a broad and diverse audience across your entire organization. Maximize access to learnings through local in-person, hybrid or virtual formats.

“After expeditions had served as a strategic wake-up call, we were happy to count on WDHB bringing their approach to experiential learning into a local and scalable format exposing over 1,000 employees and 400 leaders to a tailored growth experience driving transformation at TF1.”

Arnaud Bosom

EVP Human Resources & CSP, TF1 Group

All In On Sustainability

Our newest program reEvolution prepares leaders to embrace and shape ambitious long-term sustainability goals. Through immersive experiences and activities, leaders learn from a range of experts and take part in thought-provoking interactive sessions - all curated to evolve their personal and organizational relationship with sustainability and drive stakeholders towards action and transformation.

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