Our Approach

We believe that people are the most powerful agents for change and growth. For over 30 years, the impact of authentic testimonials, compelling stories and memorable hands-on experiences has been at the core of all we do as we partner with clients to create meaningful programs for people and strategy development.



Learning is most impactful when anchored in real-life encounters and hands-on activities. Engaging all senses and capitalizing on human empathy, we strive to expose our participants to reality as it presents itself – with all its contradictions and uncertainties.



To translate experience and observation into insight, we reserve dedicated time and space for and guide groups in individual and collective reflection. Because there is no greater driver for buy-in than shared responsibility and the ownership of invention.



Changing minds and shifting perspectives happens through dialogue with people inside and outside our organizations. We create and facilitate opportunities to have productive, honest and unexpected conversations that enlighten and move us into action.

The WDHB Diamond

Underlying the learning journey design and experience are two simple movements inherent to many learning and innovation approaches.


Divergence by Immersive Experiences

is key to opening oneself to a variety of perspectives and linking those insights to existing facts. This creates new realities and forms an essential part of artistic and creative processes.

Convergence Through Emergent Learning

is described as the counter-momentum to divergence. This is where new insights are mirrored, consolidated, prioritized and translated into action.

Facilitation Compass

WDHB’s Approach is focused on tangible outcomes:


Collecting Observations

Through the experiences and exchanges participants make and collect observations that are connected to the program’s ambition.

Formulating Insight

Building upon the authentic and concrete observations made in the exchanges and activities, we identify patterns and extract shared insights through reflection and sharing.

Generating Ideas

Projecting the insights into the future and applying them to the realities of their individual and collective challenges, participants generate ideas that open new perspectives and opportunities.

Building Commitment

Bringing ideas to life and implementing them within the organization - from individual to collective, behavioral to conceptual and tactical to strategic.

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