We grow most when we step out of our comfort zone. WDHB's award-winning learning formats let participants explore the world of tomorrow, ask the hard-hitting questions and articulate a new vision. Your leaders will be ready to embrace change and to lead their organizations and teams with a clear purpose.

Learning Expeditions

Learning in context accelerates and intensifies learning. The Learning Expeditions enabled our organization to open itself to regions, topics and stakeholders that we have been ignoring – it changed every participant and created a sustainable impact on our business.

Bénédicte Marchal

Head of Talent, Leadership & Change, Belfius

Witness the forces that shape tomorrow – not in your board room, but out in the real world. Carefully crafted experiences allow executives and talents to project themselves into the future. The gold standard of experiential learning. Learning Expeditions produce outcomes in multiple dimensions:

As a sparring partner in story and event architecture, we help you co-design purposeful outside-in contributions and immersive activities through facilitated moments of collective intelligence. We make sure your decision-makers use the precious time at key events to align around key strategic messages and bottom-up engagement.

Leadership Experiences

Rooted by powerful storytelling from leaders of today and yesterday, Leadership Experiences take inspiration from astronauts to elite athletes at mission-critical and strategic moments. Such experiences draw the participant to be emotionally connected to the subject matter with the support of facilitated dynamic discussions.

To broaden awareness and enable upskilling throughout your organization, we create tailored, scalable and localized Development Programs. Designed for strategic competency acquisition (mindset, toolset and skillset), they foster learning that lasts with large-scale results.

Whether by choice or by necessity, virtual is often the best way to bring your team together. Our virtual and hybrid solutions leverage best-in-class technology to enable exchange and alignment.

The role of L&D is increasingly strategic and vital to the long-term health of the organization. L&D teams must adapt to new expectations, roles and importance within organizations. We help you shape your learning organization, co-create powerful L&D agendas and design comprehensive and impactful learning curriculums and processes.

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