Our Purpose Is To Challenge And Enable People To Transform For What Comes Next.

With over 30 years of experience, WDHB is a global pioneer in experiential learning dedicated to crafting learning journeys with unmatched originality, intensity and impact for many of the world’s best-known organizations and brands. As your partner in L&D, we are here to support your organization's ambitions as Warm Decent Human Beings.

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Our Ambition

We will chart the future of organizational learning.

Our Vision

We see the world as our classroom full of infinite and diverse moments to grow through the power of shared stories and experiences.

Our Story

Founded in the dynamic San Francisco Bay Area in 1989, WDHB has evolved into a truly global company focused on ensuring that organizations around the world have access to industry-leading learning experiences, programs and approaches that allow people to learn and grow personally and professionally.

WDHB is founded

WDHB (Warm Decent Human Beings) was founded in 1989 and coined the term Learning Expedition. This revolutionized the world of experiential learning and is now a standard of excellence in the repertoire of strategic learning techniques.

WDHB is a global pioneer

Among the first to recognize the shift of innovation power to global hotspots in the developed and developing world, WDHB diversified our destinations with an increased focus on China.

The Conference Board Launches Staff Rides

The Conference Board launched Staff Rides in Gettysburg, with Normandy following in 2003. Such programs immersed leaders in powerful life-changing stories from leaders of today and yesterday.

WDHB is a trusted partner

As the economic recession brought many organizations close to their breaking points and motivated an entire generation to refocus on purpose, social responsibility and the importance of wellbeing at work, WDHB was a strong partner providing relevant programs that challenged organizations to focus on long-term success.

Leadership Experiences Are Born

The Waterloo Experience kicked off what we know today as Leadership Experiences, followed by Apollo in 2010 and Gold Medal in 2013. The portfolio of experiences was expanded and addressed new challenges facing organizations during this period in time.

WDHB is client-centric

Constantly focused on how to best serve our clients, WDHB committed to global expansion and opened offices in Zürich (2011) APAC (2014) and Paris (2017).

Experience to Lead Is Founded

A deal was struck with TCB, and Experience to Lead was born. A key focus was placed on the successful collaboration and partnership with colleagues, subject matter experts, consultants, facilitators and clients.

WDHB invests in research

WDHB turned 30, launched WDHB Lab focused on L&D research, and released The Future of L&D report — a culmination of our research and insights from multiple, diverse client programs designed to help organizations ensure they are always looking forward and to what’s next.

WDHB expands during crisis

The world is forever impacted and changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. WDHB quickly expands to virtual formats and advisory services to provide organizations with the strong partnership they expect and need. Experience to Lead is acquired and added to the WDHB family to provide an expanded portfolio of innovative L&D solutions to organizations around the globe.


Meet the Team

Our cultural and professional backgrounds are eclectic and diverse, and our purpose is unified — to chart the future of organizational learning. Driven by an intense curiosity to learn and grow, and with a mission to transform business and the world at large, we are a microcosm of entrepreneurial thinking and actions. In addition to our WDHB team, our skilled facilitators and expert Advisory Board members are integral parts of the WDHB family.

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Aish Hinton

Aish Hinton

Client Success Partner, Americas

alex d eath

Alex D’Eath

Director, Program Management

Untitled design 3

Allie Burns

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

New Employees

Ashley Boven-Betz

Head of People


Benjamin De Onaindia

Senior Program Manager

Bruno Songane Website

Bruno Songane

Program Manager

Christophe Ramamonjy Ratrimo website

Christophe Ramamonjy-Ratrimo

Head of L&D Consulting & Client Success Partner, Europe


Claudio Mascolo

Creative Consultant

New Employees 6

David Trevithick

Program Manager

hilda cheung

Hilda Cheung

Senior Program Manager

imane terrab

Imane Terrab

Vice President, Thought Leadership

jenny watts

Jenny Watts

Program Consultant

Jillian Krish Website

Jillian Krish

Program Manager

kim schürch

Kim Schürch

Vice President, Experience

Laura Palma

Laura Palma

Head of Product Innovation

Lisa Roth

Lisa Roth

Program Manager

Marcus Hitzberger web

Marcus Hitzberger

Client Success Partner, Europe

New Employees 1

Maria Serrato

Program Manager

Marina Gauss website

Marina Gauss

Client Success Partner, MEA

morgaan walters schaler

Morgaan Walters-Schaler

Regional Head of Program Management

Morgan Yeargan website

Morgan Yeargan

Client Success Partner, Americas

Nicolas Peressotti

Nicolas Peressotti

L&D Consultant

Nicole Website

Nicole Mathiaz

Regional Head of Program Management

New Employees 3

Nur Syazwani

Program Manager

Robin Speno 1

Robin Speno

Client & People Engagement Manager

samuel mueller

Samuel Mueller

Vice President, Client Success

sandra bednarz

Sandra Bednarz

Head of Technology

sunil narang

Sunil Narang

President & CEO

New Employees 1

Sylvie Luiten

Program Manager

Vincent Vasina 1

Vincent Vasina

Head of Design

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