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Meet our Team

Our cultural and professional backgrounds are eclectic and diverse.

Our team is comprised of highly talented individuals; We’ve practiced and trained in psychology, international business, communications, theater, journalism, corporate finance, design thinking, anthropology, biology, intercultural management, marketing and political science.

Driven by an intense curiosity to learn and grow, and with a mission to transform business and the world at large, we are a microcosm of entrepreneurial thinking and actions.

Do take a moment to get to know us.

WDHB World

Founded in 1989 in the dynamic San Francisco Bay Area, WDHB has evolved to become a small but truly global company: In 2010, WDHB opened an office in Zürich, Switzerland, to be closer to European clients. Offices in Singapore and Paris have been added in 2014 and 2017.

We have delivered more than 600 bespoke programs, and our network of partners and contributors spans 5 continents.

Our Values

WDHB’ s long-standing reputation is supported by our unwavering commitment to our values: