Hybrid & Virtual Leadership Training Solutions

Whether by choice or by necessity, virtual is often the best way to bring your team together. Our virtual and hybrid solutions leverage best-in-class technology to enable exchange and alignment.

The WDHB Approach to Virtual & Hybrid Learning Experiences

These virtual live programs bring your team members together online in a dynamic, collaborative environment for high-impact sessions that enable valuable outside-in perspectives and learning.

With a unique learner-driven approach, we customize each session to address your specific strategic priorities, internal projects and organizational culture.

Virtual Leadership Development Programs

Bringing the values of in-person experiences to the virtual setting - ensuring to leave you with the mindset, skillset and toolset necessary to take your organization to the next level.

Virtual Learning Expeditions

The World Is Our Classroom

Our flagship offering purposefully weaves together activities that foster learning on intellectual, emotional and practical levels. Delivered virtually using highly effective tools for collaboration, leaders personally engage with executives from best-in-class corporations, up-and-coming entrepreneurs, recognized subject matter experts and disruptive thought leaders. Typical Logistics:

  1. 2-4 hour sessions over 3-6 consecutive days
  2. 15-60 participants
  3. 1 facilitator per 20 participants

Virtual Strategic Summits

Generate Alignment And Unlock Collective Intelligence

Leverage our proven track record to build a powerful summit agenda. Our team works with your internal stakeholders to ensure impactful keynote speakers and engaging content make your strategic summit a success. Typical Logistics:

  1. 2-4 hour sessions over 1-3 consecutive days
  2. 20-200 participants
  3. 1 facilitator per 20 participants

Virtual Development Programs

Shift Attitudes, Explore New Approaches & Change Behaviors

Combine personal interaction with thought-leaders, executive leaders and methodology experts with facilitated activities supported by the latest interaction technologies. Our virtual development programs are appropriate for audiences of any level and can be accessed by your virtual team from anywhere. Typical Logistics:

  1. 3-6 half days
  2. 15-50 participants

Virtual Leadership Training FAQs

How do our virtual leadership training programs differ from our in-person leadership experiences?

The answer is simple: accessibility to global ecosystems and to previously unavailable leadership experiences for your teams.

When you are not restricted to a location, the doors open to a greater database of content and exchange partners and experts from our ecosystem. We are now exploring across several time zones, knowledge windows and conversation opportunities. 

As of recent, unfortunately, corporate academies and leadership development teams often see the first cut in their budgets when people development is not placed at the forefront of an organization’s strategy. With hybrid and virtual leadership training programs, the ability to offer high-quality and impactful training programs is now available while still achieving the same leadership goals you sought out for your teams from the very start.

What are the key elements of WDHB’s virtual and hybrid leadership training programs?

WDHB’s hybrid and virtual leadership training programs give your team members access to unique learning experiences that may not be readily available or offered before. Whether you are looking to organize a few hours or multi-day experience, our bespoke leadership training programs provide the same engaging and collaborative nature of our in-person solutions, layered on the same foundation of our award-winning approach.

If you have struggled in the past of bringing a remote team together of various levels and sizes through inspiration, our live exchange partners and facilitators ensure your leadership training programs are rooted in authenticity, powered by reflection and driven through thought-provoking conversations. 

Finally, you can ensure that your leadership experiences will go off unhitched with a dedicated team, well-versed in all technological platforms, to handle all the nuances of delivering a top-tier hybrid and virtual leadership training program that you can be proud to showcase to your organization’s leadership.

Why are virtual leadership skills now more important than ever?

Virtual leadership skills have become essential with employees increasingly working from remote locations. These skills include the ability to build trust, collaboration and inspiration through digital channels. To lead their teams effectively in today's digital environment, virtual leaders must learn how to engage and motivate their employees, provide clear guidance and support and successfully manage remote teams by developing a deeper understanding of the nuances of working remotely in an ever-changing work environment.

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