Resilient Leader Experience

WDHB is proud to deliver the Resilient Leader Experience in association with The Conference Board the conference board   and in partnership with the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center chula vista

Advancing Through Adversity

During this virtual live experience, your leaders will be immersed into the ultra-competitive world of elite athletics. They will engage with world-class athletes and coaches to explore the skills necessary to radically improve agility, resilience and sustained high performance. Inspired by our on-site Gold Medal Leadership Experience, participants will learn how elite athletes continue to perform at peak levels during times of unprecedented change and tremendous levels of uncertainty – both on and off the field.

Participants will rethink leadership through the lens of resilience and explore practical tools for not only coping with adversity, but guiding others through it as well. Through a variety of interactive sessions and activities, your leaders will glean insights from powerful, engaging stories from elite athletes, coaches and others that will make a sustainable, positive impact on the resilience of your team and organization.


Key Leadership Themes

Sustain High Performance

Resilient Leaders avoid burnout and renew energy in order to achieve and maintain peak performance.

Build Resilience

Resilient Leaders know how to recover quickly during challenging times in order to stay focused and motivated.

Boost Agility

Resilient Leaders practice the art of pivoting during times of change.


Principles of Resilient Leadership

Develop tenacity and the ability to make decisions in high-stress situations as you lead your team to take advantage of opportunities revealed by change or adversity. A Resilient Leader:

  • Unlocks the Power of Purpose
  • Manages Self in Uncertainty
  • Builds Awareness & Anticipation
  • Overcomes Challenges with Tenacity
  • Adopts a Growth Mindset

Ready to Transform Your Individuals, Teams and Organization?