Strategic Summits

As a sparring partner in story and event architecture, we help you co-design purposeful outside-in contributions and immersive activities through facilitated moments of collective intelligence. We make sure your decision-makers use the precious time at key events to align around key strategic messages and bottom-up engagement.

4 Pillars of Support

Narrative & Program Design

Co-defining ambitions and themes into a powerful storyline, design and framework for your strategic event.

Immersive Experiences

Pulling from our repertoire of unique activities with relevant outside-in perspectives to create memorable team experiences.

Collective Intelligence

Designing the system and exercises that allow highly engaged sessions that leverage the community’s knowledge and ideas.

Expert Facilitation

Guiding your teams through the event experience - ensuring clarity, consistency and engagement.

Services Included

  • 1 Narrative and Program Design
  • 2 Activity Design and Delivery
  • 3 Workshop Design and Delivery
  • 4 Expert Facilitation
  • 5 Participant Administration
  • 6 Stakeholder Coordination
  • 7 Program Management
  • 8 Logistics/Tech Coordination

Anticipated Outcomes


Delivered Strategic Summits


General Managers Global Summit

Chula Vista, California, USA


Business Unit CEOs IT Summit

Boston and San Francisco, USA


Management Circle Event

Berlin, Germany


APAC Senior Leadership Meeting

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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