Leadership Experiences

We design multi-day experiential programs harnessing the power of stories, personal testimonials and contextual immersion to convey compelling leadership concepts and bring them to life through facilitated reflection and application.

On-Location Leadership Experiences

Story-driven immersion programs bringing leadership lessons to life with powerful metaphors for impact.



Walk in the footsteps of the great leaders of NASA who led the manned mission to the Moon. Understand how innovation, culture...



Transform your leaders and create organizational unity by gleaning insights and real-life examples from the music industry...



Align yourself and your team around a unified strategy to enable decision-making based on shared vision and purpose. Gettysburg ...


Gold Medal

Increase high-performance in your team by understanding the levers used by elite athletes, coaches and teams to compete...


Launch Point

Launch Point is designed to spark a culture of innovation by going where it’s happening. Learn how to create a climate of change to spark...



Standing on the sweeping cliffs among the artifacts of “The Longest Day,” understand the enormous impact of empowering your people...


Prepares leaders to embrace and shape ambitious long-term sustainability goals and drive stakeholders towards action and transformation....

Virtual Leadership Experiences

The virtual leadership experiences, inspired by their on-location counterparts, allow for experiences across timezones and geographies - including the same impact of live dialogue with inspirational leaders.


Adaptive Leader Experience

During this virtual live experience, your leaders will gain a deep understanding of how to apply the principles of Adaptive...


Inclusive Leader Experience

During this virtual live experience, your leaders will be immersed into the dynamic world of the music industry in order to glean valuable...


Resilient Leader Experience

During this virtual live experience, your leaders will be immersed into the ultra-competitive world of elite athletics. They will engage with...

Customize the Leadership Solutions That Suits For You & Your Business

We design custom, company-specific experiences to meet your needs. Our leadership experiences can be tailored or customized to specific strategic challenges and team or organizational initiatives.

All In On Sustainability

Our newest program reEvolution prepares leaders to embrace and shape ambitious long-term sustainability goals. Through immersive experiences and activities, leaders learn from a range of experts and take part in thought-provoking interactive sessions - all curated to evolve their personal and organizational relationship with sustainability and drive stakeholders towards action and transformation.

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Unpacking Potential

The onboarding and annual collocations co-designed and organized by WDHB contributed to the success story of the...

Changing Culture Changes The Game

A series of Learning Expeditions provided Belfius with the energy and inspiration to innovate and transform customer journeys in...

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