Gold Medal Experience

Driving High Performance

You will gain unique business leadership and performance insights from elite athletes and coaches. You can even join them in the sports they play. Luckily you won’t have to compete against them! On-site at the Elite Athlete Training Center in Chula Vista, CA, or at the most prominent elite athletic training center in Paris, you’ll immerse yourself in the culture of high-performance competition.

Participate in sports and converse with medal winners, coaches and their sports psychologist counterparts to understand the critical skills necessary to radically improve agility, resilience and high performance. You will meet athletes and coaches who push beyond limits, tap unknown reserves, and master the challenges that come from competing to win.


Key Leadership Themes

Build Agility and Resilience

Effective leaders understand the power of recovery time and embrace concepts such as Deliberate Practice and the Antifragile Mindset.

Advance High Performance

Effective leaders build capability at all levels of the organization and leverage key performance drivers.

Adopt a Growth Mindset

Effective leaders redefine limiting beliefs and reorient the team in the midst of disruption to align on learning and ultimate success.


Who Typically Attends?

Application is strongest for teams or cohorts of those that lead others. Attendees typically include executive and other leadership teams and high potential cohorts and are usually Managers of Managers up through C-Level Executives. Those interested in strengthening their ability to coach and create an environment for high performance will experience particular application.

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WDHB is proud to deliver the Gold Medal Leadership Experience (Chula Vista, CA) in association with The Conference Board the conference board and in partnership with the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center chula vista

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