Apollo Experience

WDHB is proud to deliver the Apollo Leadership Experience in association with The Conference Board the conference board

Achieving the Impossible

Forget learning about leadership development sitting in a classroom, looking at PowerPoints and flipcharts. Experience undeniable leadership at the Apollo Experience.

You’ll be immersed in the stories of the men and women of NASA who built the country’s space program from the ground up. Through storytelling and hands-on training, you’ll glean leadership lessons that will impact your career.

The Apollo Experience is held at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.


Key Leadership Themes

Lead Through Setbacks

Effective leaders quickly assess and address roadblocks and lead their teams when things don’t go as planned.

Build Adaptive Leadership

Effective leaders learn from other leaders & can effectively manage & integrate different cultures to achieve goals.

Nurture Your Vision

Effective leaders establish and nurture a vision to unify and motivate the team.

Develop an Innovation Culture

Effective leaders avoid group think, manage innovation risk and build a tolerance for successful failure.

Empower Your People

Effective leaders understand when to step up or step back in order to reinforce team alignment.


Who Typically Attends?

Application is not limited to those within technical roles. Groups typically include executive and other leadership teams and high potential cohorts. Attendees range from CEOs, Vice Presidents, Directors, to managers of managers. Those interested in creating the right culture and achieving “moonshot” goals will experience particular application.

Contact us to discuss how the Apollo Experience can be customized for your team.

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