Inclusive Leader Experience

Valuing All Voices

During this virtual live experience, your leaders will be immersed into the dynamic world of the music industry in order to glean valuable leadership insights. Inspired by our on-site Encore Leadership Experience, participants will explore powerful and timely leadership lessons on topics such as inclusivity, personal risk-taking and leading with empathy.

Through various hands-on, interactive sessions, your leaders will learn how conducting an orchestra, like leading a team, requires significant cooperation in order to achieve success. Whether your organization needs to motivate strong personalities to collaborate or ensure every team member’s strengths are effectively leveraged, the Inclusive Leader Experience will make a lasting impact on your leaders and organization.


Key Leadership Themes

Create Harmony

Inclusive Leaders seek to collaborate more effectively in order to leverage the strengths of their team members to achieve a common goal.

Foster Alignment

Inclusive Leaders build a culture of engagement and increase influence to ensure organizational alignment.

Give Everyone a Voice

Inclusive Leaders create a community of inclusion and support where diverse perspectives are valued and heard.


Principles of Inclusive Leadership

Embrace and maximize the power of diversity on your team as you commit to authentically lead your team for their personal and professional success. An Inclusive Leader:

  • Engages Self in the Effort
  • Pursues Diverse Perspectives
  • Orchestrates Collaboration & Community
  • Builds Alignment & Extends Influence
  • Empowers Others for High Performance

Ready to Transform Your Individuals, Teams and Organization?