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Training is not enough anymore. The Learning & Development function has more opportunities than ever to provide strategic value to the entire company. We help you shape your learning organization, co-create powerful L&D agendas and design comprehensive and impactful learning curriculums and processes.

WDHB is uniquely positioned to support your L&D strategy and curriculum design:

  • Inhouse research lab dedicated to exploring topics of strategic importance to L&D

  • Mixing the methodological robustness of a consulting practice with the originality and attention to detail of an agency

  • Unique exposure to the world's most advanced L&D practices

  • At the heart of a rich and international ecosystem of L&D professionals and partners

  • Non-conventional set of multidisciplinary skills

  • Over 30 years of hands-on experience building cutting-edge programs

A community for experts in our ecosystem to ideate, draw inspiration, and take advantage of exclusive offerings.

Browse examples of our work:

Media industry

Bottom-up establishment of a leadership manifesto and design, piloting and continuous delivery of a leadership program for 600 executives including integration of à la carte skills modules

Technology industry

Design and delivery of an engagement framework for a community of 50 country presidents with spaced out expeditions, events and regular co-creation exercises

Retail industry

Setup of experiential learning dimension across entire corporate university curriculum including introduction of a knowledge-sharing platform and focus on three newly identified management approaches

Financial services industry

Redesign of a multimodular talent development program including establishment of overarching architecture, participant journey and communications technology infrastructure

Automotive industry

Design, continuous adaptation and delivery of the experiential dimension of a Digital Transformation Booster for Top 800 leaders.

Media industry

Corporate university curriculum redesign resulting in local programs for a population of over 1000 individual contributors, combining ecosystem immersions with new innovation/collaboration approaches

Technology industry

Integration of experiential learning dimension into organizational capabilities assessment framework and integrated delivery of expeditions in strategic transformation framework

Manufacturing Industry

Development of experiential learning architecture for leadership cohort of 800 senior executives based on revamped competency model leading to a five-year engagement with over 20 expeditions

Learning Organization Health-Check

WDHB assesses the maturity of your learning organization and builds the foundation to co-design a strong L&D agenda. Our model applies the five key dimensions of a Learning Organizations to identify strengths, potentials and challenges through a variety of sources and data points, then visualizes the outcomes to make them actionable.

  • Growth Mindset 

  • Challenging Assumptions

  • Shared Vision

  • The Art of Dialogue 

  • Systems Thinking

Download our Report

The concept of the Learning Organization applied to today’s fast-changing world: How do we move from an ideal vision into actually fostering a Learning Organization? WDHB Lab’s new report provides a deep dive with plenty of inspiring examples from forefront companies like Microsoft and Airbnb.


L&D Agenda & Curriculum Design

The L&D function is stepping out of its traditional scope to become a major actor of organizational change. This means a bigger responsibility in architecting and coordinating the learning ecosystem, linking it to other parts of the business, experimenting with novel approaches and nurturing the growth mindset throughout the organization.

Stages of L&D Agenda & Curriculum Design:

  • L&D Purpose & Ambition 

  • Learning Landscape Design 

  • Learning Culture Transformation Roadmap 

  • Audience-based Architecture of Objectives, Contents and Formats Design of Individual Curriculum Parameters

  • Design of Individual Curriculum Parameters

The Future of L&D

This comprehensive 85-page report is based on in-depth research into the trends in this field as well as interviews with practitioners and experts counting amongst the most knowledgeable and passionate L&D leaders in Europe.


Learning Journey Design

Acting as a sparring partner, WDHB contributes to the design of custom learning journeys for your specific cohorts. We examine learners' needs, identify pedagogical goals, create the methodological backbone, the agenda and the delivery format for each program or module. We further support in selecting the right partners, instructors, facilitators and technologies to enable the delivery.

  • Ambition & Learning Objectives 

  • Journey Narrative & Framework 

  • Thematic Architecture & Format Design 

  • Module Blueprints & Partner Identification 

  • Delivery & Stakeholder Planning

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