Organization-wide Transformation Booster

The collaboration with one of France’s most iconic media power houses, TF1 Groupe, started in 2015 and consisted of three phases to support the organization’s transformation through a multiple-format experiential learning journey.


TF1, part of Groupe Bouygues, is the leading French media and integrated communications company. Since 2015, TF1 has been partnering with WDHB in developing learning experiences for various target populations. The Goal: to support the organization’s transformation from a leader in the world of traditional TV into a frontline player, captivating audiences via a multitude of medias.

Context & Challenge

With the mission to inform and entertain France, TF1 is the country’s leading mainstream media and integrated communications group. Operating and producing five free, ad-financed television channels and a number of paid-TV offerings as well as their respective digital equivalents, TF1’s capabilities cover the entire audio-visual value chain.

New distribution and consumption channels and the diversification and simplification of content production have profoundly disrupted the industry’s traditional business model. Especially market leaders like TF1 run the risk to be complacent in the face of rapid change. For over five years, WDHB has been working with TF1 Corporate Academy to provide leaders and contributors with opportunities for learning and growth.

Collaboration with WDHB

Our collaboration started in 2015, with a series of 3 expeditions exposing members of senior management to disruptive ideas and trends and delivering important impulses to the organization’s strategic thinking.

TF1 Connect

Two years later, the leadership identified the need to expose all employees to an intense transformation and innovation-focused learning experience called «TF1 Connect». WDHB delivered a total of 35 Paris-based programs to over 750 participants. This initiative garnered very high internal satisfaction ratings and led to TF1 being awarded two nationally recognized HR trophies.

A dedicated spin-off for the Top 400

The “TF1 Connect” experience highlighted the need to upgrade TF1’s leadership philosophy & skills, to meet the challenges of its transformation.TF1. To answer this need, WDHB designed and delivered a new program «TF1 Leadership Connect», to embark the top 400 managers into a full upskilling journey. This program took the shape of a two-day residential program accompanied by individual coaching and an “à la carte” offering of modular deep dives.


The design of the «TF1 Connect» programs combined immersive discovery activities in the dynamic business landscape of Paris with upskilling sessions on contemporary innovation and collaboration approaches– all accompanied by integrated facilitation and documentation.

Running 35 programs over the period of 19 months required the setup of a dedicated team and the continuous engagement of a network of ever-evolving contributors. Over the course of the program, TF1 delegations interacted with no less than 120 exchange partners – multinational corporations, France-based global brands, national and local champions, startups and scaleups, incubators, academic institutions and disruptive thinkers.

The program provided a platform for TF1 to open itself to the outside world, exchange with practitioners inside and outside their industry, learn together with clients, develop or deepen partnerships and take the pulse of a vibrant environment right in front of its doorstep. More so, the heterogeneous group setups and purposeful integration of internal contributors allowed the group to take note of its own ecosystem, and new initiatives and develop relationships across organizational structures.

Overall, «TF1 Connect» managed to break down internal silos and opened the media leader to its evolving context and key actors therein.


From the initial series of three week-long Learning Expeditions in Austin & Los Angeles, Seoul & Tel Aviv and Seattle & San Francisco to the 35 «TF1 Connect» experiences and the ongoing «TF1 Leadership Connect» program for the top 400 managers, the success of the collaboration between TF1 and WDHB is a testimony to the passion and commitment of all partners and the deeply engrained spirit of co-creation and co-ownership.

Both large-scale programs have been certified by accredited French business schools and approved by labor representatives for co-financing by the employees’ continuous learning contributions. With an average recommendation score of >95% across programs and incredible engagement upon program delivery – including newly formed internal communities, an accompanying event series and a boost in intrapreneurial activities – the return on investment has exceeded all of TF1’s expectations.

Award-Winning Program

Beyond broad internal acknowledgement, the impact of these learning & development initiatives has been recognized in March 2018 with the Gold Trophy from BPI Group & Leaders’ League «U-Spring» awards and in November 2018 with the Silver distinction for HR innovation from «Victoires des Leaders du Capital Humain».


    "The success of our collaboration with WDHB is due to their in-depth understanding of our strategic issues, their consideration of the human dimension and their informed outlook on technological and societal innovations. I appreciate the team's great professionalism, their creativity in proposing innovative formats and their pursuit of continuous improvement.”

    Florence Pugliese-Luguern

    Corporate university Director


    "I found this unique learning experience to be very rich. Not only did the program allow me to discover new concepts, corporate cultures, technologies and business models, it also offered an opportunity to thoroughly evaluate my own practices and question my working modes."

    Thierry MICHALAK

    CTO TV Solutions


    "Participating in the TF1 leadership development program designed by WDHB has been an intense and insightful experience. The well-prepared inspiration and upskilling journey has allowed me and my colleagues to open ourselves to what’s happening in the world and to position ourselves more comfortably in a constantly changing environment"

    TF1 LGorana GAREVSKI

    TF1 Brand Director

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