Inclusive Leader Experience

Valuing All Voices

During this virtual live experience, your leaders will be immersed into the dynamic world of the music industry in order to glean valuable leadership insights. Inspired by the on-site Encore Leadership Experience, participants will explore powerful and timely leadership lessons on inclusivity, personal risk-taking and leading with empathy.


Through various hands-on, interactive sessions, your leaders will learn how conducting an orchestra, like leading a team, requires significant cooperation in order to achieve success. Whether your organization needs to motivate strong personalities to collaborate or ensure every team member's strengths are effectively leveraged, the Inclusive Leader Experience will make a lasting impact on your leaders and organization. Contact us to learn more about customizing the immersive Inclusive Leader Experience for your team.


Topics you might cover:

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    Create Harmony

    Collaborate more effectively

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    Foster Alignment

    Build engagement and increase influence 

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    Give Everyone a Voice

    Create a community of inclusion and support

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Sample Agenda:


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    Session 1: Jazz Band Experience - Engages Self

    This session begins with a performance by a live jazz band, giving the participants an opportunity to listen and observe how the players improvise, build on each other's ideas, and embrace a culture that engenders a rich flow of creative ideas.

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    Session 2: Q&A with an Ethnomusicologist - Embraces Diversity

    An ethnomusicologist will speak with participants about engaging difference, sparking radical cultural collaboration, and passion-driven learning to create a more inclusive environment.

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    Session 3: Conductor Experience - Enables Collaboration

    Your leaders will discover how conducting is, despite its appearance, a highly collaborative act of leadership. It's a powerful exercise in promoting an inclusive environment and aligning very different musicians or leaders in different silos, to come together in a virtuoso performance.

  • drum-200x200

    Session 4: Drum Experience - Extends Influence

    This interactive drumming experience begins with non-verbal communication. Music is a universal language, that allows us to break down barriers and transcend the difference among us as individuals. In Africa and in many other cultures around the world, drumming has been used for centuries to bring people together.  A celebration of diversity, contribution, and leadership.

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    Session 5: Songwriter Experience - Empowers Others

    Collaboration is a shared commitment. Participants will identify the behaviors and the environment that makes collaboration successful. Then they will work with a Grammy award-winning songwriter to generate ideas, support one another, and create an environment of psychological safety as they collaborate.

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