The World is Our Classroom

Witness the forces that shape tomorrow – not in your board room, but out in the real world. Carefully crafted experiences allow executives and talents to project themselves into the future. The gold standard of experiential learning.

Learning Expeditions produce outcomes in multiple dimensions:

  • Asset 7

    Connecting your organization to hyper-dynamic ecosystems

  • Asset 4

    Bringing your team together around a shared vision and priorities

  • Asset 6

    Nurturing your strategy and culture with disruptive and relevant input

  • Asset 5

    Expanding individual awareness, building urgency, boosting transformation

«Learning in context accelerates and intensifies learning. WDHB’s programs enabled our organization to open itself to regions, topics and stakeholders that we have been ignoring – it changed every participant and had a sustainable impact on our businesses.»

Bénédicte Marchal, Head of Talent, Leadership & Change, Befius

Experiential Learning Design

Learning Expeditions combine immersive experiences and encounters with times dedicated to reflection and conversations. Different modes of exploration are integrated into a purposeful flow.

We got you covered:

  • Research and design of an original program

  • Outreach, coordination and briefing of all exchange and activity partners

  • Coordination of all on-the-ground logistics (hotels, transport, meals and venues)

  • Participant engagement and documentation pre, on and post program

  • Extensive on-site scouting, program management and participant care

  • Facilitation accompaniment during all internal and external sessions

  • Comprehensive quality and evaluation framework

Hybrid Learning Expeditions

Access perspectives from a global exchange partner pool without compromising on team impact.

Building on the power of hands-on activities, in-person sharing and targeted immersion in the local environment, these programs purposefully interweave collective on-site experiences with at-a-distance exchanges featuring testimonials of selected stakeholders from around the world. Learn more about our virtual platforms.

  • Asset 7

    Impactful on-site immersive experiences and in-person workshops facilitated by WDHB specialists

  • Asset 6

    Exchanges with thought-leaders and practitoners from a global pool of contributors

  • Asset 4

    Run parallel sessions and connect for shared content and exchange


Flexible Virtual Formats

Opportunities for unexpected encounters and valuable outside-in perspectives while leveraging the latest communication technology and facilitation.

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