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WDHB Launches Innovation Hub in Dubai, Getting Closer to Their Customers in the Middle East & Africa

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DUBAI, UAE– 06 Sept 2022 – WDHB, Inc. announces the launch of their new hub in Dubai, an effort to remain close to their clients in the Middle East and Africa (MEA). As a multicultural metropolis that has seen impressive growth over the last few decades, Dubai is the ideal strategic location for future-focused advances in personal and professional development. With global offices in Denver, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore and Zurich, WDHB is the pioneer of experiential learning programs serving Fortune Global 500 clients for over 30 years.

“The Middle East and Africa compose one of the most diverse and compelling regions in the world,” said Marina Gauss, Client Solutions Partner for MEA. “The variety with regards to industrialization, operations and working styles couldn’t be more complex. This makes our work in WDHB even more exciting and gives us the opportunity – equipped with our long-time experience – to unlock our client’s full potential through any challenges they are facing.”

Upon delivering solutions in the region over the past several years, WDHB understood that a more permanent location would better serve the organizational needs of the area.

Global organizations have also recognized the opportunities available in the area. “Due to the huge potential of the Middle East and Africa region, local companies are thriving and international enterprises are increasingly expanding their footprint,” explained Sunil Narang, President and CEO of WDHB. “In the midst of new opportunities for innovation, WDHB’s 30+ years of expertise in learning and development will prepare these organizations to be future-ready. Our WDHB Dubai Hub is strategically located, allowing us to be closer to our clients across this region.”

The UAE’s leaders are focused on becoming a knowledge-based, innovation-centric and sustainable global hub, an attitude that synergizes with WDHB’s offerings. As noted by Gauss, “Dubai focuses on highly skilled human capital. With the population’s approximate median age of 30 years old, the younger generations are dominating industries with new standards, values and trends – especially in a business context.”

With a hub connected to Dubai’s ever-growing tech sector and its green and future-centric visions, WDHB is ready to ignite positive change locally and globally.

About WDHB

For over 30 years, WDHB has been at the forefront of experiential learning providing dynamic and unconventional learning programs and advisory services to current and future leaders as innovators and change agents within their organizations. Immersion and collective intelligence are core components of WDHB’s approach to designing and delivering its Strategic Discovery, Leadership Development and L&D Advisory offerings, such as its signature Learning Expeditions and Leadership Experiences. WDHB’s award-winning customized programs, unparalleled access to iconic locations, and exceptional ecosystem of subject matter experts contribute to its 95% customer satisfaction rating. With locations in the Americas, EMEA and APAC, WDHB is positioned to serve clients across the globe. To learn more, please visit


Sunil Narang

President & CEO, WDHB

[email protected]

Marina Gauss

Client Solutions Partner, MEA, WDHB

[email protected] 

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