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WDHB Wins The High Performance Award 2023 for Exemplary Service 


Munich, Germany – 17 July 2023 – WDHB has been awarded a HIPE Award, recognizing its work and achievements as service providers. The High Performance Award, or HIPE for short, ranks among the most important and popular awards in German-speaking regions. 

From 20,000 applications, WDHB is among the 2.12 percent of service providers who are being recognized for this award. Through an extensive vetting process, the HIPE Award committee interviewed 5 of WDHB’s clients, carefully selecting representatives who offered valuable insights and perspectives. 

“Each solution WDHB delivers is cared for by multiple team members, ensuring that client’s needs are not only met but also exceeded. Our Team strives to bring their best selves to work every day, and winning the HIPE Award exemplifies our goal of providing outstanding service to our customers.” says Aish Hinton, Head of Global Marketing at WDHB.

Testimonials from Customers Interviewed by the HIPE AWARD Team

“We wanted to change the way of learning and reached out to the best. We really like the challenge WDHB creates for the participants; they truly learn something. WDHB has a brilliant mind and an amazing strategic perspective.”

“WDHB simply has all the solutions to our problems. Their special power is to be able to sneak in and act as part of the internal team.”

“We have a lot of demands and the on ground support by WDHB is just amazing; they make everything go very smoothly.”

“They have been a true partner. There are always moving pieces and maybe some participants can’t join, so it’s really great how flexible the whole team is.”

Certificate WDHB

The entire process took 5 weeks, 240 hours, evaluation of 4 overarching categories (quality, performance, service and effectiveness) and 30 distinct benchmarks.

The testing and evaluation procedure is based on German grade principle (1 = very good, 6 = poor), WDHB scored 1.3, exceeding the 1.7 pass rate.

Looking to the Future

Aish Hinton adds: “Winning this award is also an important milestone in the development of WDHB. As feedback is an essential part of our organizational culture, we want to ensure that each product we deliver is better than the last. This recognition is not only appreciated but acts as motivation for our team to do better each day.”

About the HIPE Award

The High Performance Award, or HIPE for short, ranks among the most important and popular awards in German-speaking regions. They strive to guarantee consumers more qualitative security by both identifying and honoring paramount service providers, all while reaching over 12 million companies.

Behind their vision of “customers don’t want satisfaction, customers want enthusiasm,” HIPE is revolutionizing customer experience by setting new standards in service markets.

About WDHB

For over 30 years, WDHB has been at the forefront of experiential learning providing dynamic and unconventional learning programs and advisory services to current and future leaders as innovators and change agents within their organizations. Immersion and collective intelligence are core components of WDHB’s approach to designing and delivering its Strategic Discovery, Leadership Development and L&D Advisory offerings, such as its signature Learning Expeditions and Leadership Experiences. WDHB’s award-winning customized programs, unparalleled access to iconic locations, and exceptional ecosystem of subject matter experts. With locations in the Americas, EMEA and APAC, WDHB is positioned to serve clients across the globe. To learn more, please visit

For more information or media inquiries, please contact:

Aish Hinton, Head of Global Marketing, at [email protected].

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