Resilient Leader Experience

Advancing Through Adversity

During this virtual live experience, your leaders will be immersed into the ultra-competitive world of elite athletics. They will engage with world-class athletes and coaches to explore the skills necessary to radically improve agility, resilience and sustained high performance. Inspired by our on-site Gold Medal Leadership Experience, participants will learn how elite athletes continue to perform at peak levels during times of unprecedented change and tremendous levels of uncertainty – both on and off the field.

Participants will rethink leadership through the lens of resilience and explore practical tools for not only coping with adversity, but guiding others through it as well. Through a variety of interactive sessions and activities, your leaders will glean insights from powerful, engaging stories from elite athletes, coaches and others that will make a sustainable, positive impact on the resilience of your team and organization. Contact us to learn more about customizing the immersive Resilient Leader Experience for your team.

Contact us to learn more about customizing the immersive Resilient Leader Experience for your team.


Key Leadership Themes:

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    Sustain High Performance

    Avoid burnout and renew your energy

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    Build Resilience

    Know how to recover during challenging times

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    Boost Agility

    Practice the art of pivoting during times of change

Sample Agenda:


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    Session 1: Aligns Vision and Purpose

    Adjusting the Goalposts
    Vision and purpose are the key to self-assuredness.  But when external circumstances are highly challenging, it’s hard to stay true to the vision and to maintain confidence. A  coach will share insights on the discipline of visioning and the role of purpose in building resilience as a leader.

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    Session 2: Manages Self in Uncertainty

    Rolling with the Punches
    Just like athletes, leaders are expected to perform at all times, which generates stress, especially in times of uncertainty. Leaders will speak with a sports psychologist around coping mechanisms to better regulate stress and leverage emotions towards positive outcomes.

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    Session 3: Builds Awareness and Anticipation

    Keeping Your Eyes on the Ball
    A widely accepted trait of a great leader is the ability to plan and anticipate. At the same time, leaders are expected to show discernment and make the right decisions in the spur-of-the moment, in particular in high stake or high tension situations.

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    Session 4: Overcomes Challenges with Tenacity

    Going the Distance
    The tenacity dimension of resilience refers not only to the effort needed to win, but to the ability of accepting failure as part of the learning process. From a leader’s standpoint, being able to overcome life and work’s challenges, obstacles and setback is a discipline that can be practiced and implemented consciously.

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    Session 5: Adopts a Growth Mindset

    How Champions are Made
    Growth mindset is the deep belief in people’s ability to develop, starting with yourself. For athletes and leaders, acknowledging strengths and weaknesses, mapping the path to growth and building on adversity as a driver of improvement is a key condition of resilience. Resilient leadership takes this even further in developing others ability for growth. Participants will have a dialogue with a Paralympic athlete who has a powerful story around growth mindset.

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