Learning that Transforms Your World

We grow most when we step out of our comfort zone. WDHB's learning formats let participants explore the world of tomorrow, ask the hard-hitting questions and articulate a new vision. To embrace change and to lead their organisations and teams with a clear purpose.


Learning Expeditions

Multi-day exploration programs to the world’s most innovative ecosystems. WDHB crafts experiences for strategic discovery and innovation with unmatched intensity and originality.


Events & Summits

WDHB acts as sparring partner in event architecture, designs outside-in contributions or immersive activities and facilitates moments of collective intelligence. Align around key strategic messages and generate engagement.


Training Programs

WDHB creates tailored, scalable and localized development programs. Designed for strategic competency acquisition, they foster lasting learnings while building communities of meaning and practice.

Client Stories

We are experts in

Change & Growth

With over 75% of client retention, there are many reasons why our partners count on us again and again.

Trusted by Leading Brands

Our holistic approach to strategic learning has made us a world-leading L&D innovator for over thirty years. We are proud that some of world's leading brands trust us to customize our services to their needs.

Unmatched Intensity & Originality

A high degree of customization and a meticulous attention to detail create exceptional learning experiences that are engaging, insightful and often deeply moving.

In Touch with the Future

Years of experience researching and curating cutting edge content taught us to find unexpected and authentic voices and created an impressive network of exchange partners and thought leaders.

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