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Introducing Nicolas Perresotti, WDHB Thought Leader and L&D Consultant

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Meet Nicolas, WDHB’s L&D Consultant, as he shares his passion for organizational learning, explains why L&D thought leadership is so urgent in today’s world and introduces the themes he looks forward to addressing in 2023.

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Greetings Everyone! My name is Nicolas, and I’m thrilled to be part of WDHB as a Learning and Development (L&D) Consultant based in the City of Love, Paris. My relationship with L&D has been a long-standing affair. Throughout my career in HR, I’ve always been captivated by the blend of innovative and traditional practices that large companies employ.  

It’s a subject that impacts the growth and development of every employee, as well as plays a crucial role in the overall strategy of big companies. So that’s why I believe L&D Thought Leadership is an essential aspect of our work here at WDHB, with its ability to deliver strategic L&D content that can be scaled to every organization of all sizes.  

We also work on future-oriented topics and explore with a pioneer mindset what the future of L&D may look like. This year, we have some exciting content for you. We plan to work on the vital connection between L&D and sustainability, a critical topic for both businesses and humanity. We will also dive into the subject of L&D in the digital age, the growing importance and significance of data-driven practices, and the role of artificial intelligence. But for now, we won’t reveal too much yet. So back up and stay tuned with us for an exciting journey!

Top 3 Points Made

Based on the transcript of Nicolas’s speech, the top three points made are:

  1. Importance of L&D Thought Leadership: Consultant Nicolas emphasizes that Learning and Development (L&D) Thought Leadership is crucial at WDHB. He highlights the value of delivering strategic L&D content that can be adapted for organizations of various sizes, reflecting the impact of L&D on employee growth and the strategic direction of companies.
  1. Focus on Future-Oriented Topics: He mentions the team’s efforts in exploring what the future of L&D might look like. This involves adopting a pioneering leadership mindset to stay ahead in the field.
  1. Upcoming Themes for Exploration: Nicolas teases future content themes, such as the connection between L&D and sustainability, and the role of L&D in the digital age. This includes exploring data-driven practices and the impact of artificial intelligence on L&D, highlighting a commitment to staying current with evolving trends and technologies.

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