Our Promise for 2023

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Our holiday message this year focuses on the biggest challenge binding us all together: reaching emission goals that will protect our climate.


WDHB Solutions covers a variety of topics and takes inspiration from extraordinary people from all walks of life, but what they all have in common is the opportunity to tackle fundamental questions. Questions like, “What will our future look like, and crucially, how do we get there and build it together? What part do we play as an organization, as a team, and as individuals?”. We use travel to learn and connect and we believe it helps leaders find answers, ignite ideas and solve today’s big challenges, maybe the biggest of them is the climate.

WDHB is working with myclimate.org to contribute and make a positive impact towards climate protection. Starting in 2023, we now offer our clients a portfolio of solutions to tie up programs to concrete action. Today, we will start with a donation to fund the installation of biodigesters for 10 households in a developing country to provide a clean sustainable energy source. We can’t wait to share more in the New Year, and we wish you a wonderful holiday.

Top 3 Points Made

The top three points made in the video transcript are:

  1. Exploration of Fundamental Questions: WDHB Solutions focuses on addressing fundamental questions regarding the future and how to collaboratively build it. They emphasize the role of organizations, teams and individuals in shaping this future.
  1. Use of Travel for Learning and Connection: The organization uses travel as a means to learn, connect and find answers to significant challenges. This approach is aimed at helping leaders ignite ideas and find solutions to current big challenges, emphasizing the educational and inspirational value of travel. How can we continue to create environments for learning while being mindful of our planet?
  1. Commitment to Climate Protection: WDHB is actively contributing to climate protection through a partnership with myclimate.org. Starting in 2023, they plan to offer clients solutions that link their programs to concrete actions for climate protection. An immediate step includes a donation to fund the installation of biodigesters in developing countries, providing clean and sustainable energy sources – showcasing their commitment to making a positive environmental impact.

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