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Sunil Narang, WDHB President & CEO, shares how WDHB embraces the concept of the world as our classroom. During this time of unique challenges and tremendous opportunities for L&D professionals, Sunil shareshow WDHB uses shared stories and experiences to deliver best-in-class virtual, in-person and hybrid experiential learning.


Welcome to WDHB, we see the world as a classroom full of infinite and diverse moments to grow through the power of shared stories and experiences. We live in a time of unique challenges and tremendous opportunities as leaders and L&D (Learning and Development) professionals to approach these in-person or virtual. The gold standard is to choose emotionally engaging formats such as experiential learning. Our immersive experiential learning programs shape your organization’s future of people development and boost business performance. Feel free to contact us with

any questions looking forward to meeting you all, thank you.

Top 3 Points Made

Based on the video transcript, the top three points made are:

  1. World as a Classroom: WDHB presents the idea that the world is an extensive classroom, offering infinite and diverse opportunities for growth. This perspective emphasizes the importance of learning from a wide range of sources, particularly through shared stories and experiences, to foster personal and professional development.
  1. Unique Challenges and Opportunities for Leaders and L&D Professionals: The speaker acknowledges the current era as one marked by unique challenges and tremendous opportunities, especially for leaders and Learning and Development (L&D) professionals. This suggests a need for innovative approaches to navigate these complexities effectively.
  1. Emphasis on Emotionally Engaging Experiential Learning: The gold standard for addressing these challenges and opportunities, according to the speaker, is to use emotionally engaging formats like experiential learning. They highlight the benefits of immersive experiential learning programs in shaping the future of people development and enhancing business performance. The invitation for contact and engagement with the audience indicates a readiness to assist organizations in implementing these strategies.

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