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Expanding Our Capabilities in the L&D Space – A Dialogue with Alex D’Eath, Chief Delivery Officer

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Working through adversity and unpredictable changes is something that WDHB strives to inspire among our clients. However, this is something that we also strive to inspire amidst our own team. Over the past year, much like each of our client organizations,we have faced setbacks and pushed through to create a successful, new outcome. This month, we introduce you to Alex D’Eath, Chief Delivery Officer, to dive into the future of WDHB and how our transformations will work to empower our Fortune Global 500 clients.

Alex brings over 20 years of operations experience with an unwavering focus on exceeding client expectations. We asked him about the future of delivering experiential programs and what WDHB has to offer our Fortune Global 500 clients as these leaders enter a new era of organizational learning.

What programs has WDHB recently delivered, and how do they cater to our clients’ needs?

The past year has brought a variety of experience in the L&D space that has equipped us to better serve our clients, including:

  • In-person programs for one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world based in France.
  • Virtual programs with a major telecommunications firm in Malaysia.
  • Soon to deliver 35 additional virtual sessions with the Asia-Pacific offices of a Fortune Global 500 Beauty Tech Company.

However, one that particularly stands out was with Maxis. We analyzed their organizational challenges and developed a unique program built around the specific business cases they were seeking to resolve in order to leverage conversations between professional coaches, elite athletes, space scientists and L&D leaders in one space. Rather than using a standard story and leadership framework, we specifically addressed their setbacks to ensure their current and future success.

We listen. With a focus on the issues our clients are facing and their most pressing needs, we deliver programs that are customized and specific. Going against the concept that one-size-fits-all, we approach our clients’ challenges holistically and with a future lens. We analyze our product portfolios and determine the best fit with partners and experienced leaders that create a lasting impact.

What does the future of program delivery look like for WDHB and its clients?

The global pandemic brought our team a variety of challenges that resulted in a reset. With the acquisition of Experience to Lead, we combined two powerful forces in the L&D space that allowed us to pick the best assets and create new ways of doing business. As we look at virtual platforms and going back in-person, we are constantly asking the questions, “How can we be more sustainable? How can we increase engagement with our clients? What are our products and collateral offerings going to look like for participants, and how can we bring that to the next level?”

With these questions in mind, we adjusted our mindset. We strive to fit our clients’ needs in all aspects from business strategy to safety. We have built upon our strengths to enhance our clients’ learning environments, which has prepared us to address their setbacks with more resilience than ever.

How does WDHB plan to take programs to the next level?

It always starts with the client. Everything that we do works to create a higher level of engagement. Inspired by the book, “The Power of Moments,” we focus on creating that singular moment of impact. We want our experiences to be memorable and uplifting. Our offerings are focused and concrete with preparation across the board to ensure our clients receive the best. Our team is constantly trying to be one step ahead and see “unseen needs” before our program participants do. As leaders enter a new eraof learning and development, that “unseen need” is what inspires us to tackle new projects and try unique approaches that ensure success.

What excites you the most about the future of WDHB?

We are most excited for the opportunity. By looking at just the past year, our team has experienced so much uncertainty and turmoil within the workplace and the world. Each of these moments has led to our preparation for 2022. We cannot wait to show our clients how ready we are to make a big leap forward.

Since the merge of WDHB and Experience to Lead, we have combined two global forces that bring together learning and development, and global and domestic programs with international and domestic stories to tell. Our product portfolio has expanded with key company executives and experienced thought leaders that bring new voices to our programs. We are striving to amplify our presence in the L&D space to create more possibilities for our participants. This goal is never-ending, but we are ready to take our clients to the next phase with a growth mindset and a trusting partner in tow.

As Alex shares, WDHB is constantly striving to provide the best to clients. With customizable programs and innovate mindsets, we persevere through hardship to empower leaders’ success. As we envision the upcoming year with optimism, we will lead teams through hardship and redefine their organizational learning.

Are you interested in tackling your teams’ needs and preparing for what’s ahead? Connect with our team!


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