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Join leaders from different companies at an immersive virtual Leadership Experience designed specifically to share best practices and gain new perspectives. Explore powerful leadership topics and insights from the music industry. Participants will learn how the foundations of songwriting, such as giving others a voice, personal risk-taking, and leading with empathy, apply to their role as a leader. Whether your organization needs to drive strong personalities to collaborate or ensure each team member’s strengths are leveraged best, the Inclusive Leader Experience will make a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of your leaders.


The process of songwriting is all about brainstorming, sharing your ideas, and not editing yourself. This is a program that is about influence, engagement, and collaboration. I’m working with a lot of teams where the marketplace or the client is saying, “What’s different about you? Show me who you are!” And for a lot of leaders, this is a difficult proposition to open themselves. The idea of Encore is well, we’ll learn from songwriters who open themselves up and create this indelible moment of connection. What are they doing that translates into the most important work that you’re doing for creating engagement? 

We have a process for it, and we know that if we trust that process that something will appear. To me, the source of creativity is not necessarily in me I’m more of a conduit for it. I don’t have to be the source. I just have to open up and listen. There will be a part of the program where your team collaborates in real-time to write and then perform a song about the team. There’ll be a moment where the conductor of the Nashville Symphony Pops program will step up and conduct the entire team. It’s incredibly experiential! That zoom window just kinda dissolves. It’s like you’re there.

Top 3 Points Made

Based on the video transcript, the top three points made are:

  1. Emphasis on the Creative Process in Songwriting: The speaker highlights that songwriting is a process centered around brainstorming, sharing ideas, and not restraining oneself during the creative process. This approach to songwriting is presented as a model for influence, engagement, and collaboration in various team settings.
  1. Learning from Songwriters for Leadership and Engagement: The program “Encore” is designed to help participants learn from songwriters who are adept at opening themselves up and creating moments of deep connection. This learning is aimed at translating songwriters’ skills into practical applications for leaders and teams to enhance their engagement and collaborative efforts.
  1. Experiential Learning through Collaboration and Performance: The program includes a highly experiential component where participants collaborate in real-time to write and perform a song about their team. This is further enriched by the involvement of a professional conductor, like the conductor of the Nashville Symphony Pops, to lead the entire team. This immersive experience is designed to break down barriers, even in virtual settings, making participants feel as though they are physically present together.

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