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The Encore Leadership Experience

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Transform your leaders and create organizational unity by gleaning insights and real-life examples from the music industry. Taking place in Nashville, TN, participants will be immersed in Music City’s rich culture and iconic locations. Apply powerful leadership lessons from music industry insiders and become empowered to navigate your own organizational challenges.

Learn how the foundations of songwriting, such as giving others a voice, personal risk-taking, and leading with empathy, apply to your organization and leadership team. Through the Encore Experience, your leaders will work together to create a unique harmony to drive organizational success.


The process of songwriting is all about brainstorming, daring to suck, sharing your ideas, and not editing yourself. I’m working with a lot of teams where the marketplace or where the client is saying, “What’s different about you? Show me who you are,” and for a lot of leaders, this is a difficult proposition to open themselves to. The idea of Encore is that we’ll learn from songwriters who open themselves up and create this indelible moment of connection – What are they doing that translates over to the most important work that you’re doing for creating engagement? 

We have a process for it and we know that if we trust that process, something will appear. To me, the source of creativity is not necessarily in me, I’m more of a conduit for it. When I think about it that way, it takes the pressure off me. I don’t have to be the source, I just have to open up and listen and trust that it’ll be there and it comes. So there’s a little bit of an otherworldly aspect to it, and that’s where the magic of it is, that’s why Nashville is such a magical place.

Top 3 Points Made

The top three points made in the video transcript about songwriting and leadership are:

  1. Embracing the Creative Process: The speaker emphasizes the importance of brainstorming, daring to take risks, and not censoring oneself in the process of songwriting. This approach is essential for creativity and innovation, allowing ideas to flow freely without immediate judgment or self-editing.
  1. Learning from Songwriters for Leadership: The concept of “Encore” involves learning from songwriters who create moments of connection through their openness and authenticity. The speaker suggests that this openness and ability to connect can be translated into leadership and business, especially in engaging teams and clients by showing uniqueness and authenticity.

Source of Creativity and Trust in the Process: The speaker views creativity as something that does not solely originate within oneself, but is a process to be tapped into. By considering themselves as conduits rather than the sole source of creativity, it relieves the pressure and allows for a more natural flow of ideas. This perspective includes trusting the process and believing that the necessary inspiration or solutions will emerge, emphasizing an almost mystical aspect of creativity, particularly highlighted by the reference to Nashville as a magical place for music and creativity.

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