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The Apollo Leadership Experience

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Forget learning about leadership development sitting in a classroom, looking at PowerPoints and flipcharts. Experience undeniable leadership at the Apollo Leadership Experience.

You’ll be immersed in the stories of the men and women of NASA who built the country’s space program from the ground up. Through storytelling and hands-on training, you’ll glean leadership lessons that will impact your career.

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With the Apollo Leadership Experience, you’ve got this remarkable story of people who took on a very challenging job and did some amazingly courageous and daring kinds of things. What leadership lessons did we see in all that? What did they do? How did they do it? It’s about leaders teaching leaders.  

The leadership lessons that you learn in one are very applicable to the others.

NASA’s very much focused on the mission that they’re doing, just like a business is focused on what it is that they’re in the business to do. It’s a story of high drama and high risk, it’s a story of innovation and it’s a story of human achievement. We can draw from the leadership issues and then analyze them so that we can dissect them and apply them to businesses today.

One of the really special things we do, I think, is we get access to the unique places where the Apollo Program took place. We’re able to go places where you can’t go as a tourist. We’re able to get speakers who don’t normally talk to the public and get their insights into leadership and how those events and those things really happened.

Top 3 Points Made

Based on the provided transcript, the top 3 points made in the video are:

  1. Leadership Lessons from Apollo: The video discusses the remarkable story of the Apollo program and highlights the leadership lessons that can be drawn from it. It mentions that people involved in Apollo took on challenging and courageous tasks, and covers the valuable insights these leadership experiences offered.
  1. NASA’s Focus and Mission: NASA is described as an organization that is very focused on its mission, similar to how a business is focused on its objectives. This point emphasizes the importance of aligning leadership and organizational goals to achieve success.
  1. Access to Unique Insights: The video emphasizes the unique access that the program provides to places where the Apollo program took place and the opportunity to hear from speakers who don’t typically address the public. These insights are valuable for understanding leadership based on the events of the Apollo program.

These points highlight the significance of leadership lessons from the Apollo Leadership Experience Program, NASA’s mission-oriented approach, and the access to unique resources and perspectives.

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