Knowledge is Power. Fuel Your Transformation.

Access to knowledge is only half the story. Crucial to your transformation is finding relevant data, weaving nuggets into powerful narratives and asking the right questions. With our constant exposure to megatrends and experiential approach to learning, we curate content to produce truly actionable insight.

Our clients benefit from WDHB's exposure to the people and topics at the epicenter of innovation and disruption:

  • Our teams keep up to date with cutting edge topics both strategic and organizational.

  • Gain access to our network of thought-leaders, content providers and exchange partners.

  • Our cross-industry and cross-functional work sharpens our sensitivity for clients' needs.

  • A robust methodological approach puts content into perspective and enables action.

Keynotes & Facilitation

Integrate insight into your own events and programs. Keynotes and workshops provoke new conversations and involve audiences in creative production.

Insight as a Service

We serve hyper-personalized business intelligence in line with your ambitions. As subscription or on-demand, WDHB is specialized in balancing core with peripheral topics to make sure you get the full picture.

What a Planetarium Teaches Us about Learning

By Samuel Mueller | Sep 21, 2020

They came to me as I was whisked through space: Three similarities between a visit to the Planetarium and taking part in an experiential learning program.

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Is Failure Really the Seed to Success?

By Kim Schurch | Sep 20, 2020

Failure doesn’t feel like a fun anecdote when it’s happening. It’s easy to pay lip service to a so-called culture of failure. In reality, it is hard earned.

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Does Your Company Challenge Mental Models?

By Imane Terrab | Sep 20, 2020

Acknowledging & challenging assumptions is crucial for a Learning Organization. How do we do this in practice?

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