Acquisition of Experience to Lead

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As of 2 October 2020, WDHB has acquired Experience to Lead. With an expanded portfolio of effective solutions to drive transformation and growth, the combined organization is a stronger partner positioned to shape the world of experiential learning. This video explores our many programs and offerings as we step into the future of organizational learning.


Learning is a journey from the past to the future. We build our knowledge and experiences of those who succeeded or failed before us. We learn from the present by seeking out the trailblazers of today, the best-in-class people and companies who show us the world from a different perspective. In there, we find the minds that are thinking of tomorrow’s world and who shape our conversations today – we make that journey possible. 

Experience To Lead and WDHB are joining forces to shape the future of experiential learning. The success of both companies is built on the belief that real learning happens when we leave our own world, start new conversations, and immerse ourselves in powerful leadership stories. 

Experience To Lead offers the opportunity to learn from world-class experts and innovative leaders at contemporary and historical locations in the Apollo Experience at NASA. For example, participants learn how innovation culture and adaptive leadership help a team succeed in a rapidly changing world the battlefield programs, Normandy, Gettysburg, and Waterloo, capture the visceral intensity of creating strategic alignment under huge pressure. 

Other programs invite you to dive into the mindset of elite athletes or world-class musicians to learn how they create high-performing harmonious teams. WDHB’s signature learning expeditions use the same approach, bringing leaders in touch with the players’ ideas and ecosystems that shape the world of tomorrow, and in highly customized experiences covering over 55 destinations worldwide. 

Alongside the discovery programs, WDHB designs and delivers events and summits, and scalable upskilling programs by combining outside-in perspectives and collective intelligence activities. Both companies use the same experiential approach to design virtual programs in hybrid formats. Together, we keep innovating at the cutting edge of personal and organizational development. Together, we create even more opportunities for our clients to learn from the past, present, and future.

Top 3 Points Made

From the video transcript, the top three points made are:

  1. Learning as a Journey Across Time: The speaker emphasizes that learning is a journey that extends from the past to the future. They underscore the importance of building knowledge and experience based on the successes and failures of predecessors, seeking insights from contemporary trailblazers, and engaging with those shaping future conversations. This holistic approach to learning spans historical, present, and forward-looking perspectives.
  1. Experiential Learning through World-Class Programs and Locations: The transcript highlights the collaboration between Experience to Lead and WDHB to enhance experiential learning. They offer programs that provide learning opportunities from world-class experts and leaders at historical and contemporary locations. Examples include the Apollo Experience at NASA focusing on innovation and adaptive leadership, battlefield programs like Normandy and Gettysburg teaching strategic alignment under pressure, and programs exploring the mindsets of elite athletes and musicians for team performance.
  1. Innovative and Customized Learning Experiences Globally: WDHB’s signature Learning Expeditions and Experience to Lead Leadership Experiences are described as highly customized experiences that connect leaders with influential players, ideas, and ecosystems shaping the world. Covering over 55 destinations worldwide, they include events, summits, and upskilling programs that blend outside-in perspectives with collective intelligence activities. Both companies also adapt their experiential learning approach to virtual and hybrid formats, ensuring ongoing innovation in personal and organizational development.

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